Established and emerging artists collaborate for postcard exhibition

Raffaella Folli, Colin Davidson and Ros Harvey
Raffaella Folli, Colin Davidson and Ros Harvey

The Secret Postcards exhibition at Ulster University will bring art from leading professionals together with work from celebrity artists, promising newcomers and talented amateurs in a display of over 200 large postcard sized (A5) drawings, photographs, paintings and prints, anonymised (until purchase) and priced at £60 each.

The exhibition will open to the public on Thursday May 17 and all funds raised from the artworks sold will go towards supporting Unique, Ulster University’s Belfast School of Art student-led art and design shop, featuring original art from current and former students.

Artists who have donated work to the exhibition include Neil Shawcross, Colin Davidson, Willie Doherty, Oliver Jeffers, Ros Harvey, Marcus Patton, Mark Shields, Carol Graham, Peter Richards, and many others of international renown. Collectors can view a list of participating artists in the gallery at the Ulster University Belfast School of Art.

Provost Professor Raffaella Folli commented; “The anonymity of the art draws collectors and viewers to the core element of fully immersing themselves in the qualities of the many individual artworks without distraction of authorship, and also adds a playful element of judging, guessing and perhaps ‘winning’ – everyone who buys a postcard will get something that they have chosen as being really good, and for some that will mean walking away with a very valuable piece. This is the first exhibition of its kind for Ulster University and showcases the real impact that the Belfast School of Art continues to have on the art world.”