Heroine sings through heartache in rom-com

Ciaran Nolan, Marty Maguire and Caroline Curran star in Crazy
Ciaran Nolan, Marty Maguire and Caroline Curran star in Crazy

Belfast woman Ruby is obsessed with Patsy Cline, sings her songs religiously around the house and gives Bridget Jones a run for her money when it comes to being unlucky in love.

Belfast actress Caroline Curran, who won over audiences across the province with her one woman stint as Maggie in Fifty Shades of Red White and Blue and the sequel Dirty Dancing in Le Shebeen, is delighted to be taking on the role; she’s a fan of Patsy Cline’s work herself - her mum sang the songs to her when she was younger - although the fearless actor can’t claim to be ill-starred in love as she has been happily coupled up for quite some time. Ruby lives with her cousin (played by Marty Maguire) and Gary (Ciaran Nolan). Her two housemates decide to help Ruby through her romantic impasse by setting her up for a spot of internet dating - and so beings a rollercoaster journey of laughter and heartache as creeps and losers abound and hilarity mounts.

But unbeknownst to the heroine, flatmate Gary has long held a torch for her and is desperately waiting for the right moment to declare his love.

Directed by Martin Lynch and producted by GBL Productions, the show sounds like an excellent rom-com for the stage with liberal doses of local humour and a wry way of sending up the increasing popularity of online hook-ups.

Feisty actor Curran - who is currently working on a script for a Christmas show at Theatre at the Mill between prepping for opening night - laughs when describing the scenarios her character gets into.

“After going through a string of weirdos and creeps online my character lands a job in Australia. And then Gary is wondering if he can declare his feelings in time and will she return them? I can’t tell you what happens though - it would only spoil the ending. Ruby is sweet, naive and has a great heart and she lives her life through Patsy Cline songs and people do say that there’s always a reference to a Patsy Cline song in everyone’s life. Ruby just wants to meet a good man and live the happily ever after dream.”

Curran will perform soulful renditions of Walkin’ After Midnight, I Fall to Pieces and, of course, Crazy.

l Crazy runs at the MAC, Belfast, May 26 until June 14. Visit themaclive.com or call the box office on 02890 235053.