Jenny Curran, of popular South Belfast eatery Tony & Jen’s, reveals her beauty routine

Jenny Curran keeps things simple
Jenny Curran keeps things simple

Jenny Curran is one half of the health and fitness duo behind the popular healthy restaurant, Tony & Jen’s on Belfast’s Lisburn Road.

The couple have joined forces to help locals live life ‘the healthy way’.

Jenny's makeup bag

Jenny's makeup bag

“As a couple of nutritionists and food lovers, we are obsessed with finding the best quality food and coffee to help us live the best lives. This cafe is the result of all our tastings, slurpings, travels and knowledge -with the help of a few creative cheffy brains!”

Reflecting Jen’s busy schedule, she likes to keep her beauty routine compact whilst remaining conscious of what she applies to her skin.

“Every day I wash my face with Skin Foaming Facial Cleanser and moisturise with a teeny tiny amount of Dr Organics, then I slosh foundation, blusher and powder on, apply my mascara and pencil my eyebrows, and that’s me good to go. I have managed to get this routine down to a quick five minute turnaround now - which is perfect before a 6.45am kitchen start,” laughs Jen.

And whilst Jen is not vegan, she is extremely aware of ethical standards: “I go for the natural route, ideally I like to cover all ethical standpoints but the biggest thing is making sure anything that goes on my face contains as little rubbish as possible.

“I use homemade mascara, powder and blusher - mainly because I know your skin absorbs 60-70 per cent of what you put on it, so I try to keep it is as natural as possible. My sister made me those for my birthday predominantly with beet powder, tapioca starch and charcoal. Then I use Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation and the ELF Brow Kit, for that exact reason.

“If I need some lip sheen I simply apply a bit of coconut oil. I use Bula Batiki a brand co-founded by a local guy, Tim McKee.

“I use Ciara Daly’s brush to apply foundation. It’s epic and she’s just down the road!

“I don’t change my make up particularly regularly, although all the team at Tony & Jen’s are aware of the effects make up can have so I always take on board any new products people can suggest. Having spent time surrounded by fabulous make up at photoshoots and catwalks I am always excited by how makeup can transform a face!

“My go to make up item I couldn’t live without, is definitely my eyebrow products. I have tried lots of different ways to draw them on but the latest is with the ELF powder and a brow pencil, and it is definitely the winner for me right now. Without my brows my face looks like a different beast,” Jen laughs.

And natural beauty Jen doesn’t need to alter her look that much for an important night,

“I don’t really change my make up for a night out as I have naturally smokey eyes so I am lucky in that I don’t need to do too much differently!”