We try out the new Heidi Klum Lidl collection before it hits stores

esmara by Heidi Klum

Kathryn McKenna tries and tests the latest collaboration between supermodel Heidi Klum and Lidl before it hits all 38 NI stores this March 5.

Following the launch of two successful fashion collections in 2017, Lidl and Heidi Klum have turned their focus to delivering ‘stylish classics’ for women.

esmara by Heidi Klum Ladies jumper (pink)- �9.99.

As the new range prepares to hit Northern Ireland stores this Monday (March 5), Kathryn McKenna tries out the purse-friendly range to see if it really is up to the test:

“It’s fair to say the modern day woman needs clothing which is practical, hard-wearing, long lasting and which, preferably, also makes us look and feel good.

“For most of us though, times are still pretty tight, and we can’t quite justify spending unnecessarily on non-vital items such as the latest lusted after handbag or the supposed ‘on-trend colour of the week.

“However, items including denim jeans, t-shirts, trainers and coats all build the basics in terms of essentials in most women’s wardrobes, and luckily, that’s exactly what this latest range boasts in abundance - and it’s affordable.

esmara by Heidi Klum

“For me, standouts from this collection include a vibrant rainbow striped jumper, which priced at just £9.99, is perfect for throwing on for a relaxing weekend coffee catch up with friends or for visiting family, when you want to keep it casual but stay stylish.

“In addition to three more fun, brightly coloured jumpers, the latest collection boasts a series of flattering t-shirts, priced at just £3.99.

“The colours of each mean they could be paired effortlessly with any of the jeans in the range, which include light, medium and dark super skinny jeans (£11.99). I was very impressed at the shape of the denim, and think all three pairs of jeans would look great simply teamed with a pair of trainers from the range, or dressed up with boots or heels for a night out.

“But my standout favourite from the collection has to be the esmara by Heidi Klum Ladies raincoat, £14.99.

esmara by Heidi Klum

“Available in both light and dark, these versatile styles can be easily worn with your existing wardrobe or tied in seamlessly with the rest of the capsule collection. I sampled the light version, and think it will be perfect accessory for spring time walks when the weather permits, and have already mentally packed it for my summer holiday to the rain-prone north of France! Both coats, particularly the dark version, could also definitely add an interesting new dimension to a more glamorous outfit for night.

“Overall, this is a collection that has obviously been created with denim in mind, as each of the looks compliment each other well and would slot easily into any existing wardrobe.

“This is something Heidi Klum appears to have had in mind when she designed the range, as she explains, “I’ve always been a big fan of denim. You can combine it with almost anything: sometimes it is casual, sometimes it is chic. The #LETSDENIM collection reflects this versatility and can be tailored to anyone’s personal style, and for any occasion.”

“It comes as denim has long been hailed as ‘the versatile closet must-have.’ Denim trends have cycled in and out through the decades, with many pieces now being considered wardrobe must-haves by top fashion influencers everywhere.

“A Lidl representative explained, “Heidi’s goal behind the #LETSDENIM range is to bring an array of affordable and fun denim staples to fashionistas around the globe. To truly position Lidl as a fashion destination, Heidi has also designed sweaters in bright colors and high tops with metallic accents to complement the denim. The range truly reflects Heidi’s zest for life and Lidl’s fun in fashion.”

“The #LETSDENIM collection will be available at Lidl’s 38 stores across Northern Ireland from Monday, March 5, as part of Lidl’s ‘Fashion Week’.

“The range will include women’s clothing (in sizes 8 to 18) and shoes (in sizes 4 to 7).”

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