The original Boojum burrito creators just launched the ‘Bubburrito’

We loved the mouth-watering Beef Bubburrito

The original creators of the Boojum burrito, John and Karen Blisard, are rolling back into the burrito market with their American barbecue joint, Bubbacue.

The slow smoked barbecue restaurant, which opened in 2012, has expanded their menu to include a mouth-watering ‘Bubburrito’ packed with their famous slow smoked meat.

The delicious Pork Bubburrito bowl

It comes as Bubbacue has been embraced by fans since it started making a name for itself almost six years ago as a fantastic American barbecue experience in Belfast, with passionate chefs smoking beef and pork for over 12 hours.

Bubbacue owner John Blisard explains, “My wife and I originally opened Boojum after moving back to Northern Ireland from America with an almost-insatiable appetite for burritos. Having sold Boojum, we have concentrated on our love of barbecue, but we couldn’t be happier to reignite our burrito passion.

“We’ve created a new style of burrito with refried pinto beans, Cajun rice, fresh tomato salsa and spicy cheese sauce that really compliments our barbecued meats.

“We have spent months perfecting the recipes and hope both old and new customers love it as much as we do. We are particularly excited about the queso, a spicy cheese sauce, that really packs a flavourful punch and intensifies that comforting burrito experience.”

The Bubburrito is available now at Botanic Avenue and Callender Street locations with slow smoked pork and beef, chicken, sausage and veggie options.

And having sampled the whole range of the mouth-watering delights, we highly recommend!

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