The perfect (and easy) New Year’s Eve cocktail for local gin fans

The Perfect Swerve with Jawbox Gin
The Perfect Swerve with Jawbox Gin

The brainchild of Belfast-barman, Gerry White, Jawbox Gin launched less than two years ago and has already secured a cult following of gin lovers across the globe.

Named after the ever-celebrated Belfast sink, colloquially known as the ‘Jawbox’, this classic dry, small batch, local gin is an ode to a time when the front door was left unlocked and at the heart of the kitchen was the big sink, where the craic was heard and unforgettable stories were shared. Introducing the perfect New Year’s Eve tipple - the ‘Perfect Swerve.’

The Perfect Swerve calls on one of Belfast’s finest inventions, ginger ale. A squeeze of zesty lime perfects the combination.

This is a clean and refreshing serve for the festive season.


35ml Jawbox Small Batch Gin; 100ml Fever Tree Ginger Ale or any other premium ginger ale; Lime to garnish.


Pour Jawbox into an ice-filled mug. Top up with refreshing ginger ale, squeeze and drop in a wedge of lime (nutcracker is optional).