‘When you become vegan you do want other people to know’

Since becoming a vegan, Richard Deboo has become a passionate advocate for the lifestyle.

He has written books, given talks at local schools, and is well known for his performance art and poetry centred on the importance of veganism in his life.

Over the years Richard has stood for election on a platform of animal rights, has spoken out on the issue outside the Houses of Parliament, and sees it as a vital part of his life to share his knowledge with the world.

“When you become vegan you do want other people to know about it and to share the joy of being vegan,” explained Richard. “It is such an incredible, wonderful way to live your life. Advocacy is about sharing joy and positivity and to try to put that across in a way that is interesting and engaging.”

Using poetry and performance art, Richard has shared his journey and views with thousands of people over the years.

He has performed a 5,000 word poem at a festival in Dublin and recently performed another of his poems, this time at 3,000 words, at the Vegan Festival at the Waterfront in Belfast.

Richard has also penned two books on veganism - ‘Who Speaks for the Earthlings?’, a collection of essays and poetry, and ‘The Meat Delusion’, which he describes as “a step by step guide to why veganism is the only morally coherent and ethically consistent philosophy.”

Richard’s books are available to buy online at www.amazon.co.uk.

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