Belfast contestant on ITV’s Take Me Out reveals her top beauty tips

Natalie says she loved her time on the show
Natalie says she loved her time on the show

Natalie, who is 28 from Belfast, was the body double for Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, is a fire breather and performs with the Fire Angels. She is also learning how to be a trapeze artist.

Combined with her active and time consuming job, Natalie has revealed she has little time for makeup during the day.

Natalie loves a smokey brown eye on a night out

Natalie loves a smokey brown eye on a night out

“As a personal trainer during the week I wear little to no makeup,” Natalie reveals, “I’m a busy bee working long days and always moving - so heavy makeup is never a good idea or I end up looking like Alice Cooper by the end of my day!

“My working day starts at 6am Monday-Friday and finishes at around 8.30pm. I am always on my feet and live in my gym gear. Sunday is my only full day out of work. Being a personal trainer is such a rewarding job! I absolutely love to help people be the confident, strong person they always wanted to be.

“I get very close to my clients and usually keep a relationship with them after they finish training with me. I could not be happier with my choice of career and plan to do it for as long as possible.

Through the week I use Lush Cosmetics moisturiser, my favourite is Skin Drink as it is natural and light. I have lash extensions on by Lash Extension Belfast as it saves on mascara, but if I use any mascara it has to be Lancôme.

“I use Benefit concealer under my eyes and some W5 bronzer. I love Lush Cosmetics, in particular their bath bombs.

“I also use their body creams, my favourite is Sleepy as I’m not good at relaxing. I use some of their body washes such as Olive Branch or Dirty Spring Water. Another bronzer I love is Bare Minerals, it’s so natural and gives me a warm glow during the day. I remove my makeup with Garnier Miscellar water and Decleor Aroma at night before bed.

“I very rarely change this routine, unless my skin breaks out,” Natalie explains, “Luckily my skin has been okay and is easier to maintain. I used to use a lot of Tea Tree products for break outs, but they sometimes made me breakout more so now I use Rose water and Rose Hip Oil to help control spot outbreaks.

“My last makeup purchase was MAC mineralise finish, but I am already planning to try out some Kat Von D make up as I love the fact she promotes makeup for the super pale like myself.

“My Lash Extensions are probably the one beauty item I can’t live without, as they have become an addiction and I feel like I have no eyes without them! On a night out I am more dramatic so I use my MAC Products. I love having dark eyes and very dramatic lips. I would consider my style quite gothic and embrace my paleness.

“My smokey eye is with my W7 palette, I mix browns, gold and black to give a dark, smokey look. Winged eyeliner, I use Tattoo me semi perm liquid liner and I also colour in my water line with Lancôme black pencil liner. My lipstick collection is massive, I tend to use MAC, Givenchy, CK, Estée Lauder (to name a few) and the colours range from black, brown, red, purple, plum and even dare I say it pink.

Natalie, who can deadlift two times her body weight, says she enjoyed her time filming ITV’s popular show. “It was possibly the best experience of my life,” she says, “Not only were the girls amazing, but the staff and crew could not do enough to make the experience! I would recommend to anyone to give it a go. You will meet amazing people and learn so much about yourself as a person.

“Paddy was incredible, he made me relax immediately on stage and he joked with us and made us all chill out. The girls all keep in touch via group chat and I love it, we are also planning a get together in a few months, I miss them all a lot already.”

Take Me Out is on tonight (Saturday) at 6:40pm on ITV.