International rap artist uses NI town as video backdrop

A County Armagh town has become the video backdrop for an emotional track about being alone by rap artist B.I.G. Blaze.

Thursday, 8th February 2018, 11:30 am
Updated Thursday, 8th February 2018, 11:33 am

The African artist, who has been living in Lurgan for about five years, has written and recorded the song in the town.

Inspired by what is going on in society, B.I.G Blaze reveals that he has lost friends to drugs, bullying and abuse.

“I have come a long way when it comes to music,” said the 32-year-old Nigerian national.

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BIG Blaze on location in Lurgan shooting the video for his latest release

“That is why I wrote the track to create awareness for the less privileged in our society,” he said.

Filmed in Lurgan town centre by director Joe Chad, the video of ‘Alone’ shows how some people can be right in front of us but yet ignored or pushed aside from plain view.

B.I.G Blaze describes it as an emotional and inspirational track to create awareness for the less privileged.

“Let’s change our perspective. Instead of considering the less privilege as a project to help, view them as people, with love and respect. No matter what life brings to you, remember you’re never alone,” he says.

BIG Blaze on location in Lurgan shooting the video for his latest release

The father of three, who is also called Matthew Amos, said: “Some people think rap songs are a bad influence on kids and youngsters but I want to put a new face to that.

“I want to use my music and my talent to reach people out there and to change their perspective about life.

“We can do great things if we live as one.

“I have seen love and I have see hatred, but my goal in life is the impact or changes I can make with my songs to reach everyone.”

B.I.G Blaze revealed that the video producer suggested he shoot the video in Belfast in a popular place that everybody knows.

“I changed my mind two days before the video was to be shot. I told him I am proud of my town and my town is beautiful place also.

“I think there are lots of artists out there with a passion for music but ambition set us all apart,” said Matthew who works as an IT consultant at McKinstry Skip Hire in Antrim.

“I am very ambitious. Although I have my professional skill job, I still have my creative time and make time to pop in my studio at home to rehearse.

“I want to reach as many people as I can through my music, to encourage, awaken, focus, and urge people to believe in themselves.”