Belfast singer/songwriter to take on Nashville with new EP

Belfast singer/songwriter Aidan Logan
Belfast singer/songwriter Aidan Logan

Aidan Logan has been wowing crowds on the local live music circuit for six years but this season he will take his genre-defying country pop vocals to Nashville - the city that inspired him to become a star.

Aidan was selected by Panarts Festival in Belfast to spend time singing and song writing in Music City where he played at the iconic Blue Bird Cafe - following the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks. While in Nashville Aidan was also working with songwriter Jason Blume who has written huge hits for Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys among numerous other stars.

The result of this collaboration is the north Belfast musician’s EP Turbulence, an addictive catchy and satisfyingly melodic country pop offering filled with emotion and right-on riffs.

Speaking about his EP, which was written on a stormy flight to Portugal, Aidan said: “Turbulence was penned on a napkin when I was listening to some Frank Sinatra. The plane suddenly shook. It became the title track to an EP I’d already begun recording.

“The track names tell an aviation story of their own, purely by coincidence. I’m really excited about bringing this track to Nashville and gauging the audience’s reception.”

Aidan, 27, is once more crossing the Atlantic to spend time in Nashville honing his sound and collaborating with big names in the country music industry.

The Belfast star in the making will now embark on a six-stop tour.

Aidan first demonstrated an interest in singing when he was just four, mimicking the style of Garth Brooks and his country contemporaries. At the age of five he picked up his first guitar and soon began writing his own material; a prodigious writer, he has produced over 100 original tracks full of lyrical power and memorable choruses.

Upon his return to Nashville, Aidan will once more collaborate with some big name songwriters who will help him perfect his sound as country pop fame beckons.

New EP Turbulence, which was launched at the Crescent Arts Centre includes four tracks: Turbulence, Higher, Falling and Seems You Better Go, all of which showcase a strong Nashville sound mixed with Irish country-pop influences.

As Rob McNamara of Golden Plec says of Aidan’s sound: “There’s no gimmicks, no style stunts, no image peddling, just songs – and bloody good ones at that.”

Turbulence by Aidan Logan is available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and many more online stores. For more info on Aidan visit