First children’s album from an excited Dolly

The inimitable Dolly Parton
The inimitable Dolly Parton

DOLLY PARTON will next month release her first-ever children’s album, a 14-track digital version which will undoubtedly be a huge seller globally.

The I Believe in You titled compilation will entirely consist of music written and performed by the East Tennessee ‘First Lady, and proceeds will go to the singer’s self-promoted ‘Imagination Library’ project, centred in her picturesque Great Smokie Mountain homeland.

The album, to be released on September 29, will include a new recording of Dolly’s evergreen parody ‘Coat of Many Colors’, and closes with a reading of her 2016 children’s book of the same title. Physical versions of the album will be available on October 13.

Dolly launched the album at a Nashville media event this week, with children seated round her in front of a cosy fireside living room set.

Before a live reading of her best-selling ‘Coat Of Many Colors’ book, Dolly treated children and media present to a performance of three songs from the album, including the title song Makin’ Fun Ain’t Funny, and Brave Little Soldier.

Dolly, now 71, recalled: “My first album was released 50 years ago, and it’s been an amazing time since then. I am very excited with my first children’s album. I’m proudest of all that the proceeds will go to the ‘Imagination Library’. It’s 20 years since this was launched and we have had 100 million books get into the hands of children. Hopefully, there will be many more.”

Each month, Dolly’s book gifting programme mails a million specially selected, high-quality, age-appropriate books to registered children from birth until they start kindergarten in participating communities around the world, including the UK.

The 14 album tracks have appealing titles: I Believe in You, Coat of Many Colors, Together Forever, I Am a Rainbow, I’m Here, A Friend Like You, Imagination, You Can Do It, Responsibility, You Gotta Be, Makin’ Fun Ain’t Funny, Chemo Hero, and Brave Little Soldier.