The iconic ‘Trio’ are to stay together

American musician Linda Ronstadt Amy Sussman/Invision/AP
American musician Linda Ronstadt Amy Sussman/Invision/AP

As a vocal trio, iconic singers DOLLY PARTON, EMMYLOU HARRIS and LINDA RONSTADT are in a special league, loved as solo performers, and blended together a heavenly sound.

Nashville studio bosses brought the ‘Trio’ together for two hit albums and a third is on the way in mid-September that should again be a huge hit with the legions of fans of all three ladies.

Dolly and Emmylou are still on the road performing at home in the States and abroad and busy with studio work, but, sadly, the movements and the incredible resonant vocal range of country rock star Linda, best remembered for her Blue Bayou rendition, are seriously curtailed due to Parkinson’s Disease.

Although Linda’s serious health issues mean she will never be able to tour or sing again, Dolly and Emmylou are hoping the threesome will be able to continue recording for years to come.

“We always have our music, but we are friends first of all. Emmylou and I work all the time. And Linda is one of the greatest producers ever. Even though she says she can’t sing anymore I bet she can sing better than she says. But she may wind up producing something by Emmy and I,” says Dolly.

“Who knows what the future is,” adds Emmylou. “But the fact that we’re friends and we were able to make this music together and share our voices together. That’s gonna be there long after we’re gone.

“We’re just gonna keep on with our lives and be grateful that we had the chance to get this much music down for ourselves and for whoever wants to hear it.”

Arizona-born Linda, now 69, has no plans to tour ever again. “I can’t sing a note to start with, and secondly, it’s kind of hard to walk, so I don’t think there’s any chance of me touring,” she says with regret.

Linda, who won 11 Grammy awards and recorded 30 albums and 15 Greatest Hits albums, was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in 2012 and was forced to retire from singing. She has, however, maintained regular contact with Dolly and Emmylou and has had some input to the upcoming third album.

Emmylou, from Birmingham, Alabama, has one of the most angelic voices in American country music, and, like Linda Ronstadt, had a big hit with Blue Bayou. She also has early career roots in both rock and folk music. She is also 69, with Dolly, at 70, the oldest of the celebrated trio,

The first Trio album was released in 1987 and went on to sell four million copies worldwide and pick up a string of awards, including two Grammys. The second album Trio II was released in 1999.

A new remastered album, entitled the Complete Trio Collection, will be available on September 9. It will involve a newly remastered three-CD collection that includes the three singers’ previous two albums, as well as unreleased music from their recording sessions.

The new three-CD collection, produced by Emmylou Harris, contains rare and unreleased music. Trio II is also being released on vinyl for the first time.

‘Trio’ sold more than four million copies, won two Grammy awards and topped Billboard‘s country album chart for five consecutive weeks. Trio II followed over a decade later and won a Grammy award, as well as peaking inside the top five of the US country album charts.

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