Cian and Cormac strut their stuff in new show

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Blending the world of comedy and acrobatics, Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally strutted their way into the hearts of the nation when they brought their lovable characters Sean and Seamus to life on the hit ITV show Britain’s Got Talent last year.

As Lords of Strut the duo wowed the judges and the audience with their routine, making it through to the semi finals of the show.

But the pair haven’t been an overnight success, they have worked tirelessly for 10 years, building up a devoted fan base across the UK and Ireland. “I went to circus school in Belfast,” revealed Cormac. “Then I started a weekly circus school in Cork and Cian had done a bit of circus before so he came along one night. When we started doing stuff together we could do the acrobatics, but we made people around us laugh at how ridiculous it was so we developed Sean and Seamus.

“The characters think they are amazing so we got away with a lot. It’s 10 years on now and we have grown with the act.”

It was while they were performing in London that the duo were encouraged to enter Britain’s Got Talent. “We were approached a number of times,” admits Cormac. “We were doing a big cabaret in London and a producer from Britain’s Got Talent saw it and we decided to do it as long as we had creative freedom and could go on as the characters rather than as Cian and Cormac.”

So last year Cian and Cormac, as their characters Sean and Seamus, stepped onto the BGT stage with their 80s throwback performance, which left judge David Walliams declaring: “You guys are so funny.”

But Cormac admits they were actually wary about doing the show. “It was a bit of a risk,” he said. “We didn’t know how it would go. Certainly it was a challenge and it pushed us to make a two minute routine when we are used to having an hours show. It was a good challenge.” Britain’s Got Talent opened them up to new fans who will be flocking to the Lyric Theatre in Belfast for their new family friendly show Absolute Legends, which follows Sean and Seamus as they create the perfect routine.

“This show is for everyone, adults and children,” continued Cormnac. “Like any good kids show there are jokes on many levels. The parents are in stitches too but you don’t have to have kids to enjoy the show.”

The pair take to the stage of the Lyric Theatre in Belfast on November 11 and tickets are on sale now from the Box Office on 028 9038 1081, or online at