First Belfast based play about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is ripe for satire

Belfast based Accidental Theatre is bringing two new political plays to the stage as part of a project called Rapid Response in which they ask local writers to create quick, punchy plays about topical subjects.

Having delivered a sell-out with Michelle & Arlene - about Northern Ireland’s first and deputy first ministers, they are currently in the process of staging a play all about flamboyant and controversial US President Donald Trump.

The play by Shannon Yee is entitled All the Best Words and will be staged alongside a unique sequel and holiday special Michelle & Arlene: Planes, Trains & Tractors by Rosemary Jenkinson.

Both plays are satirical, one reflecting on local politics and the other with a more international perspective; both respond with colourful immediacy to what is going on around us right now.

In their new home at 12-13 Shaftesbury Square, Accidental have turned this disused bank into a pop-up theatre for a year-long programme of special plays, gigs and events.

All the Best Words by Shannon Yee, November 23-25 and Michelle & Arlene: Planes, Trains & Tractors, December 7-9 and December 21-23 at Accidental Theatre, 12-13 Shaftesbury Square.

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