Play revisits the Reformation and role of Martin Luther

Martin Luther changed the course of Christianity

The 500th anniversary of the Reformation is being marked by an iconic play following its leading protagonist, Martin Luther, at Belfast Waterfront, 24-28 October.

Presented by Centre Stage Theatre Company, this epic dramatisation of John Osborne’s Tony award-winning play delivers a vivid portrayal of the sixteenth century monk who publicly spoke out against the archaic customs and corruption within Roman Catholicism.

Osborne’s Luther is a multi-faceted character with deep religious convictions whose actions provided the catalyst for a theological revolution that transformed Christianity forever, with consequences that still affect modern society.

The key historical figure of the Reformation, Luther objected to the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church and his public proclamations led to the establishment and subsequent proliferation of reformed churches across western civilisation.

John Osborne is acknowledged as one of the greatest playwrights of the 20th century, as well as a pioneering writer for film and TV. He was renowned for his cutting prose and intense critical stance towards established social and political norms.

Osborne’s productions include the seminal Look Back In Anger - later turned into the classic movie starring Richard Burton - and The Entertainer starring stage and screen legend Sir Laurence Olivier. He is also fondly remembered for movie roles in Michael Cane’s Get Carter, Tomorrow Never Comes and Flash Gordon.

Luther was first performed in 1961 before becoming a huge transatlantic hit on Broadway. Legendary classic actor Albert Finney originally played the title role. The play was made into a 1974 film starring Stacy Keach (of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer fame) as Martin.

This play has been decribed as a “work of power and integrity” with language that is “urgent and sinewy, mingling gutter candour with cadences that might have come from the pulpit oratory of John Donne”.

Tickets for Luther are available at or call 02890 334 455.

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