Theatre company’s exciting new projects

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Big Telly Theatre Company - The Companies next two projects; ISPY Strabane and interactive game taking place in Strabane Town Centre this weekend.

Are you ready to become 007 and carry out some covert missions in Strabane? Then here is your mission should you choose to accept it? Launching Saturday January 31.

Big Telly Theatre Company invites you to take part in an interactive undercover game. An hour long adventure which is sure to get your blood pumping, your adrenaline racing and make strong team bonds. Want more information? Then talk to Big Telly.

Feedback from secret agents (participants) who took part in I SPY PORTSTEWART:

“We laughed the whole way home and the kids really enjoyed it.”

“It was the funniest most enjoyable experience I have had for a long time.”

“Very enjoyable and well done. I hope you do it again next year!”

“…just right for all ages, very young to very old.”

“The cheapest and funniest team builder we have ever had.”

“Totally amazing!”

ONE SANDWICH SHORT OF A GENIUS - Created by Zoë Seaton & Shelley Atkinson

This is a new drama written by one of Northern Ireland’s leading theatre companies and starring an array of well known faces hits theatres across Ireland in March/April 2015

One Sandwich Short of a Genius is back and better than ever. If you’ve seen it before you haven’t seen the half of it. If you think your family is slightly dysfunctional come and meet ours.

Mum is so determined to keep up appearances that when Dad leaves her ‘to find himself’, she hires an actor to replace him. It’s a perfect solution to an embarrassing situation, as long as she uses her imagination to find the extra cash. Mum’s the word. Luckily, the daughter’s far too busy planning the happiest day of her life to notice, but the son smells so many rats he’s a loose cannon who must be kept behind closed doors. Will keeping the cat in the bag and the skeletons in the cupboard whilst avoiding the elephant in the room tip them all over the edge? Or is it the best move she’s ever made...

It is an absurdist comedy about a family where denial is an extreme sport, reality a distant planet and even the furniture has episodes. Think Spike Milligan meets the Royle family, meets Ionesco in this hilariously funny, sometimes dark show.

Age Suitability: 10+

First performed in 2014 but re-launched with more bite and hilarity this year. If you’ve seen it before you’ll want to see it again.

TOUR DATES: The Playhouse Theatre, Londonderry, March 14; The MAC, Belfast, March 21; Cushendall Golf Club, March 23; Alley Theatre, Strabane, March 29; Riverside Theatre, Coleraine, April 1; Sean Hollywood Arts Centre, Newry, April 2; Market Place Theatre, Armagh, April 4. For further information or to book tickets visit