My Travels: Pamela Ballantine

Pamela Ballantine
Pamela Ballantine

The television presenter tells us about where she likes to holiday and her travel nightmares

Where was your first family holiday?

We had a holiday bungalow in Ballyhalbert which we went to every weekend and holiday from when I was about 5 until I was about 15. I loved it. We ran about as there were loads of fields and land to play in, the sea to swim in, rocks to climb, boats to row and we took ourselves off regularly on our bikes. Before that I have a vague memory of going to the Slieve Donard Hotel and spending days on the beach. To this day the smell of Ambre Solaire sun oil reminds me of Newcastle. Our first family holiday abroad was when I was about 16 after the bungalow was sold and we went to Malta.

What was your best holiday?

It’s hard to pick as I have been on some really lovely ones with lots of different people however I did love Singapore. I have also had some great trips throughout Europe and to The East and West Coasts of America.

And your worst?

That was probably the one and only family holiday to Malta. Dad had been based there when he was in the Royal Navy during World War II and he wanted to revisit the island. He hired a car for 8 days, you can drive round Malta in 2 days, but because he had hired the car for 8 days we drove round the island for 8 days – 5 of us packed in to a small hire car in the heat, it was hell.

How many countries have you visited?

Twenty I think, including the UK and Ireland.

Favourite country to visit?

I really loved Australia, there was so much variety and the people were very laid back and friendly. I also love the variety in the USA.

What is your travelling bugbear?

Queuing and rude people, and that includes travellers and travel company staff.

If money was no object, where would you love to visit?

The Hawaiian Islands are on my list.

Where is your next trip to?

I have a big birthday this year so I am doing a few celebratory trips but my next one is to watch the World Superbikes in Portugal, then a trip to France and then Dubai. I told you I was celebrating.

Who would be your ideal travelling companion?

Michael Palin, I bet he wouldn’t forget a passport.