Didn't he do well? 11 of Sir Bruce Forsyth's best-loved catchphrases

Sir Bruce Forsyth
Sir Bruce Forsyth

Sir Bruce Forsyth was as famous for his catchphrases as he was for his family-friendly humour and charm.

Here are some of his best-loved lines.

:: "Nice to see, you see you... nice." - The Generation Game/Play Your Cards Right/Strictly Come Dancing

:: "Didn't he do well?" - The Generation Game

:: "Cuddly toy! Cuddly toy!" - The Generation Game

:: "Keeeeeeep dancing!" - Strictly Come Dancing

:: "I'm in charge." - Sunday Night at the London Palladium

:: "Good game, good game." - The Generation Game

:: "What do points make?" - Play Your Cards Right

:: "You're my favourites." - Strictly Come Dancing

:: "You get nothing for a pair." - Play Your Cards Right

:: "Give us a twirl." - The Generation Game

:: "I'm the leader of the pack which makes me such a lucky jack. And here they are, they're so appealing, OK dollies do your dealing." - Play Your Cards Right.