VIDEO: 'Phantom nun' spotted inside Londonderry's walls

There were multiple sightings of a phantom nun in Londonderry city centre at the weekend.

The ghostly nun terrified many people on a section of Londonderry's historic walls, close to the Playhouse Theatre on Artillery Street.

The Phantom Nun, circled in red above. (Photo and video courtesy of Derry City and Strabane District Council/The Playhouse Theatre)

Londonderry father, James Craig, was in the city centre with his wife Christina and daughters Chloe (8) and Annie (7).

"I was walking along when all of a sudden Chloe and Annie started screaming.

"They pointed to a window in the Playhouse Theatre and there it was - the phantom nun - my two girls loved it."

The 'phantom nun' is part of the Playhouse Theatre's 'See No Evil' haunted house experience.

Anyone entering the 'haunted house' is blindfolded leading them to make their way around using only sound, smell and touch.

The 'See No Evil' haunted house experience is open during the following times: at regular intervals No pre- booking required. | See no Evil for ages 11+ from 5pm- 7.30pm| See no Evil for ages 18+ from 7.30pm- 10pm

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