Eastwood accused of U-turn on Brexit link to Irish unity

Ian Paisley has accused the leader of the SDLP of performing a dramatic U-turn over his linking of Brexit with the nationalist cause.

Peter Robinson won the settlement after threatening defamation proceedings

Peter Robinson gets damages and apology over paper’s terror group claim

Former first minister Peter Robinson has secured an apology over false newspaper claims that he was once a member of a terror grouping.

Rev Harold Good, above at Martin McGuinness's funeral, would be better spent seeking a clear statement of acknowledgment from terrorists that their actions were completely wrong says Willie Frazer. Photo Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker Press

Willie Frazer: It was terrorists, not their victims, who did wrong

Having heard Rev Harold Good’s comments on BBC’s Sunday sequence I am reminded of a conversation the Rev Good and I had some time ago.

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Willie Ross: Alex Kane now sees the light on the failed 1998 Belfast Agreement

Willie Ross: Alex Kane now sees the light on the failed 1998 Belfast Agreement

Alex Kane’s articles are always worth reading for they are considered, thoughtful and thought provoking.

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The loyalist parade through Rasharkin last Friday, which passed without incident. But Mr Finlay has criticised what he says was "vile invective" from some republicans. 
Picture Matt Bohill, Pacemaker Press

John Finlay: I witnessed a display of near incitement to hatred at Rasharkin

Copy of a letter from John Finlay to the Parades Commission about Ballymaconnelly Sons of Conquerors parade Rasharkin, Aug 18:

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The 11th night bonfire off Sandy Row in Belfast which was so close to the apartment block behind it that some flats were damaged, despite being hosed throughout the blaze by four firefighter hoses. 
Picture By: Arthur Allison.

Trevor Lunn: Next year we cannot allow the law to be flouted over bonfires

For another year, over the summer months bonfires have been dominating the news headlines.

The proposals would see massive Stormont investment in Ulster-Scots culture and language programmes

How Ulster Scots money would be spent: Halls, bands, highland dance, art and more

A leaked document submitted to the Stormont talks proposes giving an additional £140 million of taxpayers’ money for Ulster-Scots. Here is a breakdown of proposals of how the money would be spent.

Arlene Foster pictured with Ian Crozier (right) and Christopher Stalford less than two weeks after Mr Crozier made his funding request

Leaked talks paper reveals £140m Ulster-Scots shopping list

A leaked document submitted to the Stormont talks proposes giving an additional £140 million of taxpayers’ money for Ulster-Scots, the News Letter can reveal.

James Brokenshire and Simon Coveney met in Dublin on Tuesday to discuss the Stormont talks and Brexit

Brokenshire and Coveney in Belfast next week in bid to restart Stormont talks

The Irish and British governments are due to meet Stormont’s political parties next week in another attempt to restore the Executive.

The article in Pink News which sparked revulsion from DUP MLA Edwin Poots, plus TUV MLA Jim Allister and a raft of social media users

‘Stop gurning to daddy’ says MP after Poots tweet complaint

A DUP MP has criticised what he claimed is a culture of “gurning” among some MLAs, after a complaint against his party colleague Edwin Poots over allegedly breaching the Assembly code of conduct was discontinued.

Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said he does not want the issue of the Irish border to be used by the UK government as a tool to pressurise the EU for broader trade agreements.

Republic of Ireland warns UK against using border as Brexit bargaining chip

The Irish government has warned UK authorities it will not be used as a "pawn" in Brexit negotiations.

Unionist activist Jamie Bryson warned against granting concessions to Sinn Fein as their end goal was to rid every aspect of Britishness from Northern Ireland.

Jamie Bryson: SF don’t want equality, they want Carson’s statue smashed to pieces

Fears have been expressed that a proposal for a republican monument in the grounds of Belfast’s City Hall are part of larger plans to “tear down” Edward Carson’s statue at Stormont.

Tess Davidson, a recent graduate who like a lot of her generation wanted to leave Northern Ireland for her futher education

I do love home but it never occurred to me to study here

I’ll be honest, when I applied to university, I had no intention of staying in Northern Ireland.

Hope may still be there but it is being steadily eroded, which has makes future of Stormont seem bleak

Rev Norman Hamilton: I fear devolution has bleak future

A year ago, in an article for the Uncomfortable Conversations series in An Phoblacht, I asked the following five questions.

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The Californian businessman and sports investor Will Chang calls into the News Letter Belfast office last week, on a transatlantic to Ireland for the women's rugby. Pic by Ben Lowry

American Rugby tycoon: Belfast’s Titanic Quarter could become like San Francisco port

Tonight the semi-finals in the women’s rugby World Cup are played at Kingspan in Belfast, including a USA-New Zealand contest.

Moderate Labour MPs fear being ousted by the hard left

Moderate Labour MPs fear being ousted by the hard left

There is now a growing element of fear entering the soul of the Parliamentary Labour Party.


DUP says health, education, economy suffering due to Sinn Fein intransigence

Sinn Fein intransigence is preventing Northern Ireland politicians from dealing with growing problems in health, education and the economy, the Democratic Unionists have claimed.
Anonymous ex-politicians are behind the website

Anonymous ex-politicians to launch new unionist website

A group of former politicians is today launching a new website with the aim of stimulating debate within unionism – but the people behind the project are not coming forward to say who they are.

Alex Kane

It’s time to accept our congenital farce of a political process is redundant

It’s 20 years – September 17, 1997 – since the parties, with the exception of the DUP and Robert McCartney’s UKUP, entered the talks process which delivered the Good Friday Agreement.

Wesley Aston said RHI users should not carry Stormonts financial burden

Farmers’ union alarm over RHI tariff freeze

The Ulster Farmers’ Union has said the Department for the Economy’s intention to seek an extension to the current, temporary RHI regulations is alarming.

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