Labour Party to discuss standing candidates in Northern Ireland, says Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour Party is to consider fielding candidates in Northern Ireland.

An image of the tweet from Ms Anderson

SF should remember Maze breakout with shame: DUP MP

Sinn Fein’s Martina Anderson should be “ashamed” rather than proud of the 1983 Maze Prison breakout, DUP MP Gregory Campbell has said.

Martin McGuinnesss official driver has proven remarkably accident-prone.

McGuinness’s SF driver keeps crashing – and taxpayers are having to pay for it

Martin McGuinness’s hand-picked ministerial driver has been involved in a staggering number of accidents, crashing nine times in as many years – while the First Minister’s civil service driver has never crashed in that period.

Jeremy Corbyn

Who is Jeremy Corbyn and why is he so controversial?

After months of in-party wrangling Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as leader of the Labour Party with a stronger mandate than when he first secured the role last September.
Don’t write off Corbyn’s chances if he can mend the bridges with his MPs

Don’t write off Corbyn’s chances if he can mend the bridges with his MPs

In late September 1983, as the campaign to replace Michael Foot as Labour Party leader was nearing its conclusion, Norman Tebbit noted: “The Conservative government faces many challenges and difficult decisions over the next few years and, even with a very resounding majority of 144, most of us on this side of the house would welcome the election of Neil Kinnock.”

Ed Miliband

Drones ‘could be used’ to monitor border

Drones to monitor Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit border with the Republic is a proposal apparently under consideration by ministers, according to Ed Miliband.

Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness outside Stormont Castle

Privately, officials warned DUP and SF ministers about Brexit

Officials in Stormont’s lead department delivered a warning to ministers about the problems which leaving the EU could create for Northern Ireland – but the document was not made public ahead of the referendum, it has emerged.

City of Derry Airport, which has failed to attract significant passenger numbers but is getting yet more public funds

Comment: A bung to keep flights at City of Derry, and maintain our daft airport policy

This column is being written from Spain.

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SDLP leader Colum Eastwood on The View on Thursday night

Beard Liberation Front hails SDLP leader’s hirsute cheeks

The UK’s leading beard advocacy group has hailed SDLP leader Colum Eastwood’s striking new facial hair as evidence of a growing acceptance of the hirsute cheek in Northern Ireland politics.

Tennis fans enjoy Wimbledon on the front lawn of City Hall in 2012.

Belfast’s big screen set to be sold off

It is looking likely that a vast publicly-owned television set will be sold off.

Green Party councillor John Barry

We are honouring the war dead by asking why they died

The origins of these thoughts came to me when, as a councillor in North Down, I went to the annual Somme pilgrimage in 2013.

The Enniskillen bomb, a crime for which no one has been convicted

Ex-Trimble adviser calls for blanket Troubles amnesty

An Ulster-born lawyer who was professionally involved in the negotiation of the Belfast Agreement has come out in favour of a blanket amnesty to prevent anyone being convicted for crimes committed during the Troubles.

Hyde Park bomb suspect John Downey walked free when his trial collapsed spectacularly over his OTR letter

Key OTR flaw may scupper future IRA trials, says lawyer

There is a “high” chance that if the police manage to bring charges against someone for an IRA crime that they will use the same defence which saw John Downey walk free, an experienced lawyer has warned.

Tom Elliott

Standard ‘blame the Brits’ denials from Sinn Fein don’t wash with people any longer

I think many, like me, have come to expect the same old rhetoric from Sinn Fein when someone challenges their past and their inextricable link to the Provisional IRA.

23-11-2015 Press Eye 
Picture Colm O'Reilly Press Eye 23-11-2015
Kenny Donaldson at St.Marys Collage, West Belfast.
Mr Donaldson at the collage to give a talk on SEFF and show a quilt made by family members from Fermanagh that have lost loved ones through the troubles.
South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF) formed in 1999 as a result of identified needs amongst those who have been the innocent victims of terrorism in this part of Northern Ireland, together with their families. 
Picture Colm O'Reilly Press Eye 23-11-2015

Who was really responsible for Troubles-related deaths?

Daily we hear a diatribe of ideological warfare coming from ‘republicans’ that the UK State and its security forces bear core responsibility for the ‘Troubles’ and the result deaths.

Maghaberry Prison, where prisoner Sean Lynch blinded himself, amongst other shocking self-injuries. Pacemaker Belfast

Prison officers not ‘equipped’ for inmate blinding himself

Prison officers who watched as a mentally ill prisoner blinded himself were not sufficiently trained to deal with such a severe case, the Justice Minister has told the Northern Ireland Assembly.

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The hospitality industry says the minister's proposals do not go far enough

Paul Givan defends new licensing law changes

Communities Minister Paul Givan has responded to criticism of his proposed reforms to licensing laws, which the pub and hotel sector has claimed “does nothing for us”.

David Gordon with his book on the Paisleys

Unlike Alastair Campbell, David Gordon will not be able to give orders to civil servants

The Executive’s new top spin doctor will not be able to give orders to civil servants and will not himself have the status of a temporary civil servant, Stormont Castle has said.

The new Bill will see some minor changes to opening hours

Stormont licensing law changes ‘don’t go far enough’

Proposals submitted by a DUP minister to relax Northern Ireland’s alcohol licensing laws don’t go far enough, Hospitality Ulster has warned.

Joshua Rozenberg said he tried, and failed, to find a copy of the order on any website

Why secrecy over spin doctor appointment, asks legal expert

The UK’s pre-eminent legal commentator has questioned the secrecy surrounding the change to the law which led to David Gordon being appointed as the Executive’s press secretary.

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