Netflix: the best new TV and movies in November

November sees a number of intriguing new series hit Netflix UK, as well as the return of two beloved Gilmore Girls.

Crown Season 1
Crown Season 1

Here are the most exciting upcoming additions to the streaming service, with the entire list of next month’s additions available at the bottom of this article.

The Expanse

What is it? While searching for a wealthy family’s missing daughter in the far reaches of the solar system, Josephus Miller and ice-freighter skipper James Holden become entangled in a colossal interplanetary conspiracy in this shiny looking sci-fi.

When can I watch it? November 3

The Crown

What is it? Starring Wolf Hall’s Claire Foy, this Netflix Original biographical drama looking at the reign of Queen Elizabeth II seems far more classy, compelling and complex than your usual show about Britain’s royal family.

When can I watch it? November 4


What is it? A French-language film which took home the Caméra d’Or for first time director Houda Benyamina at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, before swiftly being snapped up by the streaming giant. The crime drama follows a teenager from a dysfunctional family living on the Parisian street. She meets a young dancer who turns her life upside down.

When can I watch it? November 18


What is it? If you’ve not made your way through bingeing Black Mirror yet, you’d better hurry up, as this sci-fi series from Brazil is following hot on its heels. Set in a future where people are given a chance to go to the “better side” of a world divided between progress and devastation, only 3% of the candidates succeed. Cesar Charlone, who was nominated for an Oscar for his cinematography on City of God, helps bring it vividly to life.

When can I watch it? November 25

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

What is it? News of a revival of the popular Gilmore Girls sparked a surprising amount of excitement, and now the show is finally returning for brand new episodes on Netflix. There’s a slight twist in the format this time around, with A Year in the Life taking the form of four 90-minute episodes that will follow Lorelai and Rory through the months of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

When can I watch it? November 25

Everything else coming to Netflix UK this November:

Safe Haven (November 1)

Dead Man Down (November 1)

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Season 2 (November 1)

Limmy’s Show!: Season 3 (November 1)

Under Arrest: Season 3 (November 1)

A Syrian Love Story (November 1)

The Darkest Hour (November 1)

Bride Wars (November 1)

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (November 1)

Monte Carlo (November 1)

What’s Your Number? (November 1)

Mirrors (November 1)

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (November 1)

The Sentinel (November 1)

King’s Faith (November 1)

The Beginning of Life: The Series: Season 1 (November 1)

Desert Dancer (November 1)

16 and Missing (November 1)

Girl Missing (November 1)

Don’t Wake Mommy (November 1)

Lost Boy (November 1)

Lethal Seduction (November 1)

Dot 2 Dot (November 1)

November Rule (November 1)

The Greatest (November 1)

Brake (November 1)

Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party (November 1)

In Their Shoes (November 1)

Armistice (November 1)

David Blaine: Real or Magic? (November 1)

Deprogrammed (November 1)

Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (November 1)

hoovey (November 1)

Don’t Worry Baby (November 1)

Brother Nature (November 1)

Ku’damm 56: Season 1 (November 1)

Mutant Busters: Season 1 (November 1)

When Two Worlds Collide (November 1)

Pac’s Scary Halloween (November 1)

Love You: Season 1 (November 1)

Love Me or Leave Me: Season 1 (November 1)

Love Around: Season 1 (November 1)

Just You: Season 1 (November 1)

Love Family: Season 1 (November 1)

Inborn Pair: Season 1 (November 1)

Love Now (November 1)

Very Big Shot (November 1)

From Dusk Til Dawn, Season 3 (November 2)

The Timber (November 2)

Food Choices (November 2)

Machete Kills (November 3)

Frequency: Season 1 (November 3)

tsumiki (November 4)

World of Winx: Season 1 (November 4)

Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60 (November 4)

Capote (November 5)

Black Book (November 6)

Late Bloomer (November 6)

Dead Rising: Watchtower (November 9)

Designated Survivor: Season 1 (November 10)

The Innocents (November 10)

All Hail King Julien: Season 4 (November 11)

Allende (November 11)

Estocolmo, Identidad Perdida: Season 1 (November 11)

Tales by Light: Season 1 (November 11)

True Memoirs of an International Assassin (November 11)

Roman Empire: Reign of Blood: Season 1 (November 11)

History of the Eagles (November 14)

W1A: Season 2 (November 14)

Oddball (November 15)

The Watcher (November 15)

Jedi Junior High (November 15)

M Cream (November 15)

Shukranallah (November 15)

Fireflies in the Abyss (November 15)

Let Her Cry (November 15)

Million Pound Motors (November 15)

Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child (November 15)

Stephen Fry in America (November 15)

Last Chance to See: Season 1 (November 15)

Dieter Nuhr: Nuhr in Berlin (November 15)

I Spy (November 16)

Scorpion: Season 2 (November 16)

Das Boot: Theatrical Cut (November 16)

Anger Management (November 16)

The Dark Crystal (November 16)

Dinosaurus! (November 16)

Shooter: Season 1 (November 16)

Skiptrace (November 16)

Lovesick, Season 2 (November 17)

River: Season 1 (November 17)

Beat Bugs: Season 2 (November 18)

Avec Eric: Collection 1 (November 18)

Sour Grapes (November 18)

Divines (November 18)

Colin Quinn: The New York Story (November 18)

Undercover: How to Operate Behind Enemy Lines (November 18)

The Negro Soldier (November 18)

Tunisian Victory (November 18)

Know Your Enemy – Japan (November 18)

Nazi Concentration Camps (November 18)

San Pietro (November 18)

Let There Be Light (November 18)

Thunderbolt (November 18)

Prelude to War (November 18)

The Battle of Midway (November 18)

Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia (November 18)

WWII: Report from the Aleutians (November 18)

The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress (November 18)

Dirty Grandpa (November 20)

LuTo (November 22)

Regarding Henry (November 23)

Bad Company (November 23)

Elizabethtown (November 23)

Last Holiday (November 23)

Road Trip: Beer Pong (November 23)

Days of Heaven (November 23)

Mother Goose Club: Season 2 (November 24)

The Adventures of Food Boy (November 25)

Air (November 25)

Bellas De Noche (November 25)

Michael Che Matters (November 25)

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (November 26)

The Line (November 27)

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (November 30)

I Dream Too Much (November 30)

Ghost Team (November 30)