DUP MP to raise Home Office U-turn on Border Force jobs in Parliament

East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has said he has submitted a series of motions to Parliament after the Home Office revised criteria for ‘Border Force’ jobs in Belfast.

Some of the apparently pro-life graffiti at St Patrick's Cathedral Armagh ahead of the Republic's forthcoming referendum on abortion next month.''Photo: Pacemaker

Graffiti attacks on chapels slams SF’s abortion policy

Chapels in Omagh and Armagh have been daubed with graffiti attacking Sinn Fein’s abortion policy ahead of the pending southern referendum on the matter.

Colum Eastwood

SDLP: Why do SF bother standing?

Sinn Fein has come under attack from the leader of the SDLP over its abstentionist policy, questioning why the party is running at all in the upcoming West Tyrone by-election.

Brexit secretary David Davis pictured in south Armagh with Middletown Centre for Autism chief executive Gary Cooper

David Davis does not ignore views of NI people: DUP

DUP MP Sammy Wilson has defended Brexit Secretary David Davis’s decision to make an unannounced visit to the Irish border.


Brussels demands say over financial regulations after Brexit

Britain must allow Brussels powers to approve its financial regulations following Brexit to preserve access to European markets, a senior EU official has said.


Report: Brexit has ‘deepened divisions’ in Northern Ireland and Scotland

Brexit has already caused “substantial damage” to the UK’s system of devolution, with Westminster accused of having “largely ignored” both Scotland and Northern Ireland, according to a report.

DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds dismissed the 'leaks and rumours' surrounding the UK staying in the EU customs union

Dodds backs May to face down advocates for ‘Irish Sea border’

A series of “leaks and rumours” around Theresa May’s commitment to a full Brexit have been dismissed by Nigel Dodds as an attempt to exert pressure on the government during negotiations.

IRA hunger striker Raymond McCreesh in 1981. A row over a council playground being named after him in Newry has been making made headlines. Photo: Pacemaker

Raymond McCreesh: the man behind IRA playground row

The ongoing row over a Newry playground named after IRA man Raymond McCreesh has made national headlines – and still goes on.

Brexit Secretary David Davis (right) with Peter Sheridan of Co-operation Ireland in south Armagh

Brexit Secretary David Davis on flying visit to Irish border

Brexit Secretary David Davis has paid a surprise flying visit to the Irish border in south Armagh as negotiations around customs and trade arrangements post-Brexit intensify.

Tyrone manager Mickey Harte. 'Picture by John Stafford/PressEye.com

GAA distances itself from Tyrone manager Mickey Harte’s pro-life campaign

The GAA has moved to distance itself from the launch of a pro-life campaign led by the Tyrone Gaelic football manager Mickey Harte.

This apparent rejection by the EU of the UK government's proposals was sadly inevitable

Stephen Farry: A customs union is the only solution for the UK

The UK government needs to reconsider its approach to the border issue in Brexit negotiations after speculation the EU Commission has comprehensively rejected its proposals.


Unionists can no longer ignore border poll debate

It was Edward Carson who kick-started the present debate almost a century ago: “From the outset let us see that the Catholic minority have nothing to fear from a Protestant majority. Let us take care to win all that is best among those who have been opposed to us in the past. While maintaining intact our own religion, let us give the same rights to the religion of our neighbours.”

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the former wife of Nelson Mandela, raises her fist as she leaves the high court in Pretoria, South Africa, in 2004, after winning her appeal against a four-year jail term for alleged theft and fraud. She endorsed the cruel method of killing known as necklacing

Winnie Mandela endorsed the most cruel form of torture

In a recent interview in The Guardian David Lammy MP described the late Winnie Mandela as his hero and added, “No one is perfect, and I have not had to put up with the humiliations, the tortures, the nightmare of your husband being in prison for 27 years.” (Comment, April 7).

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Brexit: 'Half of readers' believe Britain would be better off in Europe

Nearly half of people who took a survey on the News Letter’s website think we would be better off economically in Europe, and a majority want to stick with the Single Market.

Theresa May

Theresa May ‘could be forced to keep Britain in customs union with EU’

Theresa May could bow to Parliamentary pressure to keep Britain in a customs union with the European Union after Brexit.

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin

Fianna Fail leader: Stormont vacuum causing real damage

The vacuum in Stormont powersharing is causing real damage, Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin warned.

Enoch Powell in South Down in 1987

Rivers of Blood: Powell’s purple language a major misjudgement

It was an explosive address conjuring up images of war. It gained him a reputation for racism, and largely cost him his career. But years later he told Danny Kennedy he regretted nothing. Here he recalls one of the most debated and denounced speeches in UK history, 50 years on.

May 2017: Chief Constable George Hamilton and Anne Connolly, chairwoman of the Policing Board, pictured together at a lunchtime seminar to discuss policing matters

Policing Board members on full pay 13 months on

Members of the Policing Board are still in receipt of full pay despite the body being unable to function properly for more than a year.

Barry McElduff of Sinn Fein makes a 'joke' by balancing a loaf of Kingsmill bread on his head on the anniversary of the sectarian IRA massacre of Protestants at Kingsmill in 1976

Ben Lowry: A huge missed opportunity to challenge SF in West Tyrone

It is a reflection of defeatism in the face of an unapologetic, triumphalist and growing pro IRA narrative that it was not possible to coalesce behind a victims’ candidate in West Tyrone.

How can unionists now engage in Stormont talks with Simon Coveney when he is at the helm of an Dublin-Brussels refusal to accept UK proposals on the Irish border, which will result in outcomes ranging from the collapse of the Brexit negotiations to a border in the Irish Sea

Ben Lowry: The threat of a border in the Irish Sea has still not been put to bed

If, as the seasoned Daily Telegraph journalist Peter Foster reports (see story link below), the EU has rejected UK proposals for a frictionless border in the event of regulatory and customs divergence, it means one of four things.

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