Why not join The Great House Giveaway?

Sunday: The Great House Giveaway - (Channel 4, 7pm)

Channel 4 presenter Simon O’Brien
Channel 4 presenter Simon O’Brien

It’s been an award-winning daytime TV hit for Channel 4, but fans of The Great House Giveaway outside of Wales may not be aware that the format has also been a success on S4C, where it’s known as Tŷ Am ddim.

Now, the two versions are coming together as Welsh estate agent and presenter Carys Davies joins regular Channel 4 presenters Simon O’Brien and Tayo Oguntonade for the third series.

They are all excited to be working together. Simon says: “I have been working alongside Carys for two years now as we’ve done the English and Welsh versions of The Great House Giveaway side by side. Her depth of knowledge about all things property related is second to none so I am chuffed to bits she will now bring that to the English-speaking audience too!”

Carys adds: “I’m delighted to join the boys in the upcoming Channel 4 series! I’ve been put to work being their estate agent on the ground in Wales – what a baptism of fire!”

For anyone who hasn’t caught either the English or the Welsh language version, The Great House Giveaway aims to live up to its name by giving people who have owned a home a chance to get on the property ladder.

It’s not quite as simple as giving them the keys to a house and leaving them to it though. Instead, participants will be paired with a stranger and given a property bought at an auction, along with a budget and a schedule of just a few months to renovate it.

Even with advice from the residents experts, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and effort – and as anyone who has ever watched Property Ladder or Grand Designs will know, transforming a building with your nearest and dearest can be difficult, let alone someone you’ve only just met.

Once they’ve finished the process, the house goes on the market – and if it makes a profit, the duo can keep the cash which they can put towards a place of their own.

The latest series will be airing on weekdays at 4pm, but it kicks off with a primetime Sunday night episode – another sign that it’s been a hit.

First up are paramedic Sarah and garment technologist Paige who are about to get to know each other as they work on a tired Victorian terrace in Stafford in the West Midlands. There’s no doubt it needs a bit of TLC, but it does have a lot of original features – will they survive the duo’s plans?

Armed with advice from Simon, the pair initially seem like something of a dream team, but the project could run into trouble as their costs rise, leading to fears that they won’t be able to make a profit. As they race to meet their six-month deadline and get the house on the market, there’s a surprise in store. Tomorrow, the team will be in Newcastle upon Tyne, where the renovation of a four-bed family home takes an unexpected turn.