Podcast brings live show to Belfast

The frighteningly popular podcast This Paranormal Life is set to embark upon its first ever live tour this August, kicking off at Belfast’s EMpire Music Hall on August 6.

By Julie-Ann Spence
Friday, 22nd July 2022, 7:00 am
This Paraormal Life hosts Rory Powers and Kit Grier Mulvenna
This Paraormal Life hosts Rory Powers and Kit Grier Mulvenna

The tour - dubbed ‘The Dice of Death’ - adds a new element to the podcast’s phenomenal success as hosts Rory Powers and Kit Grier Mulvenna plan further live shows in both the UK and US for 2023.

Since launching in 2017, This Paranormal Life has amassed over 12 million listens, earned Best New Entertainment Show at the 2019 British Podcast Awards, and hit #1 on Apple Podcasts UK’s Improv Comedy Chart. It has also seen them nominated for a second British Podcast Award, this time for Best Comedy Podcast.

Just as importantly, they’ve built a fandom that’s as dedicated as it is touching: listeners the world over have shared their This Paranormal Life tattoos, created a huge amount of creative fan art, and shared highly personal stories of how the podcast has impacted their lives. One even sported This Paranormal Life clothing when sharing a first photo of his new-born child.

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Dive into a random episode and it’s easy to see the appeal. From the renowned (Roswell) to the obscure (the pumpkin UFO of Korea), hosts Rory Powers and Kit Grier Mulvenna dig into weird and wild tales of ghosts and ghouls, of curses and conspiracies. And while their investigations are at turns enthralling, fascinating and informative, they’re driven by the kind of playful, uplifting and intuitive humour that can only come from two life-long friends.

Rory Powers said: “It’s going to be This Paranormal Life like you’ve never seen it before. We’ve been dreaming of a UK tour since we started the podcast.”

Kit Grier Mulvenna added: “We’ve spent months planning the perfect live show, with different stories tailored for every city we’re in. It’s also going to be incredible to get to meet our listeners face to face.”

Tickets are on sale now at www.thisparanormallife.com/tour.