Alliance Party: Our green deal plan could create 50,000 jobs

An Alliance Party Green New Deal has proposed the creation of 50,000 inclusive and green jobs over the next decade.

Monday, 26th April 2021, 6:00 am
Naomi Long said Northern Ireland faces a ‘difficult economic landscape’

The new policy document also sets out pathways to a universal, affordable childcare system.

Alliance leader Naomi Long said the proposals would help Northern Ireland “move towards a sustainable and green economy”.

The document proposes retrofitting all social housing and grants to retrofit private homes with energy efficiency measures, creating zero carbon public transport, having interest-free loans for electric vehicles and assisting farmers who seek to transition to sustainable farming.

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It also outlines the need for more legislation for workers’ rights in the gig economy and enhanced use of citizens’ assemblies, aiming to put social equity at the centre of decision-making.

Mrs Long said Northern Ireland faces a “very difficult economic landscape” as it emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, as well as tackling “the worst impacts of Brexit”.

“We need a clear, integrated plan which addresses social and economic recovery, as well as the climate emergency,” she said.

“The Alliance Green New Deal is that – a vision for an urgent and radical overhaul of the policies and practices which have hindered our progress to date.

“While everyday life has often felt at a standstill over the past year, climate change has continued to accelerate.

“A regionally balanced green economy can help us make our contribution to tackling that and could create 50,000 new jobs for Northern Ireland, in areas such as manufacturing green technologies, installation and upgrade of infrastructure, such as electric vehicle charging points, rail network expansion, afforestation and creation of renewable energy infrastructure.”

Mrs Long said “urgent and radical” changes are needed to the structure of the economy, based on long-term security and shared prosperity.

“Moves such as the rollout of advanced broadband, increased tourism opportunities and the delivery of new skills and social enterprise strategies are needed to underpin the green economy, benefiting all of us and future generations in the long-term and ensuring the recovery is fair and inclusive,” she said.