Brothers clock up85 years’ service

Brothers Nat and Peter Magee are celebrating a milestone anniversary after 85 years’ combined service with Openreach.

Nat and Peter Magee.  
Photograph by Declan Roughan
Nat and Peter Magee. Photograph by Declan Roughan

The pair have worked at Openreach, formerly the network division of BT, for 45 and 40 years respectively.

Their long service was recognised at a special awards ceremony which was attended by family, friends and colleagues alike to celebrate employees who had 40, 45 and 50 years of continued service.

Openreach is the engineering team that builds, maintains and manages the broadband network in Northern Ireland.

Peter is a member of the field team servicing homes and businesses in the Co. Antrim area.

He said: “Technology has changed drastically over the last 40 years, and as it continues to do so, we are constantly provided with access to training schemes and opportunities to learn. I think this is what keeps it interesting, every day is different and presents itself with new challenges.”

Nat works as part of Openreach’s team servicing homes and businesses in counties Antrim and Londonderry.

“As technology has changed and developed over the years, so too has the business and the services we provide. When I started working for Openreach 45 years ago, telephones were still being introduced into some places – especially the more rural out of the way places in Northern Ireland for the first time. I was responsible for bringing the technology into people’s homes and businesses, something that was still a bit of a novelty back then.

“The emphasis is now on rolling out the latest broadband technologies and because of Openreach’s continuous investment in expanding the fibre network, I’m still able to help provide families and businesses with new technology that is transforming lives, and ultimately the society we live in.

“There’s something very rewarding about that - bringing new technology to people’s doorsteps. It’s a very social job, you’re not just meeting new people but providing them with an essential service.”