Bullocks sell to £1,070 for 450kg at Pomeroy Mart

At Pomeroy Mart more cattle are needed to meet a strong demand.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 18th May 2017, 3:32 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:13 pm

A rise in prices as bullocks sell up to £1,070 for 450kg.

BULLOCKS: Plunkett £1,070/450kg, D Jefferson £900/380kg, Brain Graham £900/370kg, £845/360kg, £800/330kg, Kevin McAleer £855/320kg, £855/340kg, Deerpark Collections £850/390kg, £730/310kg, S Fleming £840/310kg, £830/300kg, £820/280kg, £820/290kg, Heather Johnston £75/270kg, £745/300kg, Kevin McAleer £685/250kg, £595/270kg, Anne McKenna £570/430kg, Thomas Donnelly £545/390kg, Pearse Rafferty £510/190kg.

HEIFERS: Brendan Mulgrew £925/480kg, Oisin Daly £880/430kg, Brian Rafferty £835/300kg, Stephen Rafferty £810/410kg, £775/350kg, £740/420kg, £675/390kg, £660/390kg, Deerpark Collections £750/330kg, £695/340kg,£675/270kg, Michael Daly £700/400kg, Heather Johnston £665/270kg, £650/270kg, £630/290kg, £530/230KG, Brian Rafferty £635/350kg, £630/250kg, Denis McVeigh £555/360kg, Michael Daly £525/310kg, £480/280kg.