Diesel, petrol and oil prices: here’s how they’ve changed in Northern Ireland this week

The cost of diesel has fallen by an average of one pence per litre in Northern Ireland over the past week, new figures show.

By Niall Deeney
Saturday, 16th April 2022, 1:53 pm

The latest figures from the Northern Ireland Consumer Council shows that both petrol and diesel prices remain well above recent average prices.

Published on Thursday, the figures show that a litre of diesel in Northern Ireland costs an average of 171.6p — down very slightly on the average of 172.6p last week.

For petrol, the latest figures show that a litre costs 159.5p on average in Northern Ireland — down slightly on the 161.4p reported by the Consumer Council on April 7.

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There has been a tiny decline in diesel and petrol prices this week

There was some regional variation in the figures, with the lowest average prices found in Armagh at 168.9p for a litre of diesel and the highest in Ballycastle at 174.9p.

For petrol, the lowest average prices were in Limavady with 152.9p per litre, and the highest in Lisburn with an average price of 163.9p.

Meanwhile, there has been another slight fall in the cost of home heating oil in Northern Ireland, although prices remain far above those prior to the war in Ukraine.

That is according to the latest figures from the Northern Ireland Consumer Council’s weekly price comparison chart, which shows that 900 litres of kerosene costs an average of £730.10 – compared with £740.50 on average a week ago.

The figure for 500 litres was listed as £415.69 – down slightly on last week’s figure of £422.24.

For 300 litres of home heating oil, the average price is £257.29, compared with £261.69 a week ago.

Prices peaked, according to the Consumer Council’s figures, in early March with 900 litres costing an average of £1,181.53 on March 10.

The latest prices remain more than double what they were at roughly the same time last year.

On April 26, 2021, 900 litres of home heating oil cost an average of £329.86, according to the price checker figures published by the Consumer Council.