Mums at Work founder encourages female entrepreneurs to join the growing movement

Founder of the Northern Ireland-based female only networking group, Mums at Work, is encouraging women in business to join the movement.

By Claire Cartmill
Monday, 25th April 2022, 4:00 pm
Updated Monday, 25th April 2022, 4:27 pm

The inspirational networking platform by Sinead Norton was launched in December 2018 as a free Facebook group for a small group of women after she experienced first hand the many challenges that arise when setting up and managing a business.

“I’m a mum of seven and when I owned a large and extremely award winning busy wedding business, I quickly realised that survival is dependent on past brides and other suppliers referring you,” said Sinead.

“So, I wanted to create a space where businesswomen working on their own could come together to stay motivated and work towards their dreams as I know how lonely it is when you start out and how hard it can be to achieve a good work-life balance.”

Sinead Norton, founder of Mums at Work

Four years on, the Mums at Work Network group has thousands of members throughout the world ranging from full-time employed mums looking to start a new business venture to successful female entrepreneurs.

In an attempt to bring women together all over the world without over saturating the pre-existing social media platforms, Sinead has recently created the Mums at Work business app which has had hundreds over installations since its creation in June 2021.

Sinead explained: “I realised that social media is so busy, and at times, negative. As a result, it can be difficult to reach people who are already busy, or moving and trying out different platforms so rather than try and be everywhere as well, I created a simple app for the network so that all the information was in one place. The app allows users to connect with fellow business owners, receive updates on networking events, access free resources and receive daily early morning positive affirmations to kick start their day with positivity.”

Catering to those who seek collaboration, Sinead developed the Mums at Work VIP membership portal where women in business can feature in their online members directory, attend online networking events and advertise their business directly into email inboxes.

“The VIP membership is a great place to collaborate with others who have the same target audience. In addition to that, VIP members are featured on our social media and website and via our own community platform, so you can reach the email in-box of other members,” she continued.

All members across the groups are encouraged to work together, share knowledge and offer advice when they can through the ‘connect, support, refer’ tagline which has been proven to bring real results to women who have joined the group.

Sinead explained: “I love to hear about women working together on their business and achieving success. It’s great to see the results. If advice received has saved someone time and money and effort, this makes me feel like I have made a difference.”

Sinead recognised the importance of networking as a businessperson and has been running free coffee mornings in conjunction with training seminars and vibrant networking evenings since 2019 when her first event was attended by 35 people. However due to the pandemic, all in-person networking and training events over the past two years moved online which played a role in growing the Mums at Work audience to a bigger scale.

Sinead added: “In 2020, we moved all our events online which connected women all over the world and I believe the pandemic accelerated our learning as business owners were able to take their business online and reach customers worldwide. Our members who attend our events are encouraged to complete positive action steps for each other, sharing each other’s business details, engaging on posts online, providing feedback and inspiring each other with ideas.”