Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Fat cows sell to £1,600.03 for 760kg

There was a packed yard of stock lastr Friday at Richard Beattie's Draperstown Mart all of which saw a rising trade.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 18th May 2017, 3:22 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:49 pm

Bullocks sold to £1,390 for 700kg, heifers sold to £1,345 for 650kg, weanlings sold to £1,060 for 340kg, suckler cows sold to £1,410 and fat cows sold to £1,600.03 for 760kg.

BULLOCKS: Kieran Kearney £1,390/700kg, £1,300/660kg, £1,205/590kg, £1,200/590kg, £1,200/600kg, £1,195/590kg, £1,170/590kg, £1,150/630kg, £1,100/520kg, £1,070/540kg, B McKeown £1,265/620kg, £1,200/620kg, £1,120/540kg, £1,105/550kg, Michael Quinn £1,260/590kg, David Duncan £1,190/660kg, £1,095/590kg, £1,070/580kg, £1,010/540kg, £995/540kg, Ivan Henderson £1,120/510kg, James Murphy £1065/520kg, G Foster £1,065/470kg, £1,040/520kg, £965/440kg, £945/490kg, Ann McPeake £1,065/430kg, David Nesbitt £1,040/490kg, 3985/480kg, £980/430kg, £940/440kg, Ivan Henderson £980/430kg, Martin Devlin £930/520kg, £835/470kg, Peter McCloskey £920/450kg, John Greene £920/440kg, R Tomkins £915/390kg, £895/400kg, Richard Palmer £900/410kg, £900/350kg, Karl Mullan £885/380kg, Ann McPeake £875/340kg, £840/360kg, Francis Devlin £875/390kg, Sean McElhatton £870/340kg, £870/350kg, £855/390kg, Shane Bradley £850/450kg and R Tomkins £805/340kg.

HEIFERS: Sean O’Neill £1,345/650kg, James Murphy £1,245/600kg, £1,090/530kg, £1,075/500kg, £1,030/500kg, £1,000/490kg, £1,000/480kg, £1,000/490kg, £950/460kg, £920/450kg,Kalr Mullan £1,080/460kg, Shane McDevitt £1,025/460kg, William Davis £955/500kg, £915/480kg, P McGuigan £945/470kg, Ann McPeake £935/370kg, Gerry O’Hagan £860/480kg,£770/410kg, Malcolm Thom £845/410kg, £780/370kg, £765/360kg, £755/370kg, Shane McDevitt £810/370kg, Andrew Johnston £805/380kg, Shane Bradley £770/380kg, G Foster £765/390kg, £730/410kg, R Tomkins £740/400kg, Paul McAuley £725/400kg, Richard Palmer £705/380kg, Andrew Johnston £700/370kg, £700/360kg and Shane Bradley £700/370kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: Michael Loughran £1,060/340kg, £1,000/3340kg, £900/280kg, £900/310kg, £880/290kg, James Duffy £955/430kg, Michael McGlade £925/320kg, Michael Quinn £885/380kg, Steven McGuinness £880/360kg, £875/390kg, £875/360kg, £860/300kg, £840/330kg, £840/340kg, £820/420kg, £805/310kg, £800/320kg, £800/330k/g, £785/360kg, £765/280kg, £760/380kg, £745/330kg, Philip McCullagh £865/390kg, Ralph Pickering £845/330kg, £810/330kg, £795/360kg, £735/kg, Tony Kelly £765/440kg, B Heagney £760/270kg, Michael Quinn £755/280kg and L O’Neill £740/280kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: Osmond Bell £800/340kg, £760/320kg, £700/340kg, James Kelly £790/290kg, Ralph Pickering £745/310kg, £730/340kg, James Duffy £740/330kg, Michael McGlade £700/280kg, Philip McCullagh £695/330kg, Michael Quinn £680/300kg, £680/310kg, £680/310kg, £665/310kg, James Kelly £675/380kg, Ralph Pickering £630/290kg and Pat McKenna £555/320kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Michael McGlade £1,410, William Moore £1,400, £1,240, Kevin McKinney £1,305, Terry Eastwood £1,250, £1,100, Ivan Henderson £1,200, £1,120, £1,110, Philip McCullagh £1,100, William Moore £1,000,

£895 and Kevin McKinney £1,040.

FAT COWS: Michael Quinn £1,600.03/760kg, Karl Mullan £1,418.40/720kg,£1,308/600kg, Richard Walker £1,336.50/990kg, Donald Fleming £1,222/650kg, £1,139.20/640kg, £1,128/600kg, Adrian Cudden £1,154.40/740kg, Louise and Michael O’Neill £1,123.20/520kg, James Rainey £1,079.50/850kg, Shane Bradley £1,062.60/660kg, Peter and Stephen O’Neill £1,051.20/730kg, James Kelly £1,043/700kg, C and J McGarvey £962/650kg, Sean Mullan £912/570kg, Henry Palmer £907.20/720kg, Bernard Mallon £905.20/620kg, Shane Bradley £895.70/530kg, Joseph Heagney £85560/620kg, £801/450kg, Patrick Lagan £823.50/610kg, Donald Fleming £791.20/460kg, Sean Mullan £789.60/560kg, P and A Miller £785/500kg, Patrick Murray £764.40/520kg, £730/500kg and Robert Armstrong £762/600kg.