Fat lambs sell to £102.50 at Lisahally Mart

A rise in price for fat lambs this week selling to £102.50.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 3:32 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th July 2018, 3:34 pm

Fat ewes sold to £90.


William O’Hara £102.50/32kg, Hugh McGuinness £95.50/24kg, Cecilia O’Kane £95/25kg, Columba Feeney £97/26kg Reid Clarke £87.50/26kg, Harold Barbour £89, Kenneth Johnston £88.80/25kg, Stephen Johnston £88.20/24kg, Arthur Rainey £86/25kg, Olsen Allen £85.50/23kg, Peter O’Neill £85.20/23kg, Herbert Dixon £84/22kg, John Dodds £83/24kg, C Devine £82.50/22kg, John Halcrow £81.50/22kg, John Grant £80/22kg, Norman McFarland £79.50/21kg, Joseph O’Kane £79.50/22kg, Columba Feeney £75/22kg, Joseph O’Kane £74.50/21kg and Kathleen Miller £73/22kg.

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William Mitchell £90, Cecilia O’Kane £86, Ivor Purcell £85, John McWilliams £85, Noel McDaid £81.50, Thomas Irons £80, Ivor Purcell £76, Hugh McGuinness £75, G Christie £70 and A and B Douglas £68.