Firm trade for cattle at Pomeroy Mart

There was an excellent entry of stock which sold to a firm trade.

Thursday, 23rd November 2017, 10:17 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:12 pm

Prices as follows:


Deerpark Collection £870/410kg,£800/370kg, C McNamee £860/390kg, E Donnelly £795/370kg, Dominic Ryan £780/350kg, £760/400kg, £750/330kg, Deerpark Collection £740/350kg, £675/370kg, B Quinn £730/280kg, Peter McMullan £720/320kg, £715/370kg, D and I Murphy £700/330kg, Frank Corr £700/300kg, £690/320kg, £660/270kg, E Donnelly £670/290kg, £650/270kg,£625/250kg, £610/260kg, Peter McMullan £670/290kg, D and I Murphy £655/320kg, Deerpark Collections £640/320kg and Frank Corr £640/260kg.

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Gortavoy Farms £1,280, £1,250, £1,200, £1,200, £1,150, £1,120, £1,110, £1,070, £1,050, £990, £990, £990, £970, £950, £950, £910, £910, £910, £895/450kg, £880/430kg, £840/410kg, £830, £830/420kg, £830/380kg, £830/410kg, Harry Cashil £900, £970, £840 and Michael Fox £830/420kg.