Heifers sell to £1,090 for 535kgs at Newtownstewart Mart

A smaller entry of sheep on offer at Newtownstewart due to slippery road conditions.

D McIlwaine 25.4kgs, £89; K McMullin 25.8kgs, £89; L McNeely 28kgs, £86.50; G McFarland 23.8kgs, £84; P McFarland 23kgs, £83.50; A Dickson 23.9kgs, £83.50; T McNamee 24kgs, £83.20; D Millar 23.5kgs, £80; P McFarland 24.4kgs, £80; L McNeely 22.6kgs, £76.50; C F Kee 22.4kgs, £75; J Glenn 22.7kgs, £74; S Robinson 22.50kgs, £77.20.

Cattle sale: Once again the road conditions resulted in limited numbers.

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Bullock prices: W D C Millar, Douglas Bridge 595kgs, £1,300, 620kgs, £1,320, 600kgs, £1,280, 635kgs, £1,245. A Armstrong, Dromore 540kgs, £1,100 and £1,080. J Wauchope, Strabane 550kgs, £925, 535kgs, £880.

Heifer prices: A Armstrong, Dromore 535kgs, £1,090 and £1,000. R Buchanan, Donemana 440kgs, £770, 410kgs, £710.

Friesian cows sold from £71 to £112.