Inspector called to collapsed cow has a '˜wonderful surprise'¦'

An RSPCA inspector had a pleasant surprise when he was called to an emergency involving a collapsed cow - only to arrive to a proud new mum and her one-hour-old calf.

Inspector Jaime Godfrey was called to Chalfont St Giles, in Buckinghamshire, at lunchtime on Wednesday (16 March) to reports of a collapsed Highland cow.

He arrived at the location, off Narcot Lane, and eventually managed to find the huge, red-coloured Highland cow.

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“It took me a while to find her in the woodland,” inspector Godfrey said. “I was running through the woods with the caller on the phone directing me to the right spot.

“When I finally found the cow I was delighted to see the mother licking her newborn calf clean. He must have been only an hour or so old.

“He was standing up and appeared perfectly healthy so I imagine the caller spotted the pair on the ground just after birth.

“I kept my distance as new mothers can be very protective of their calves, and I didn’t want to risk getting too close to those huge foot-long horns!

“Mum also seemed to be happy and healthy after the birth.

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“It was a wonderful surprise and I was glad there were no animals in distress. It’s jobs like this one that remind me of the wonders of life and why I do this job.”

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