Lockdown job worries see Forever Living sign-ups soar

The lockdown has helped drive demandThe lockdown has helped drive demand
The lockdown has helped drive demand
Health and wellness company, Forever Living Products is seeing robust growth in both sign-ups and product sales since COVID-19 hit.

In particular, the firm says lock-down, uncertainty about job security post-furlough, and health priorities have driven the growth in demand for the company’s products, and those interested in selling them.

Across the UK and Ireland sales are up by 25% from March through September, and people signing-up to buy the products at discount, or to start their own retail businesses* are up by almost 60% on the same period last year. In what can only be described as an ‘uncertain’ environment, many are simply not prepared to sit and wait to ‘see what happens’ and are instead seeking to take control of their own destinies, says Forever Living.

Sarah Johnston (24) works as a scientist in Belfast during the week, returning to her family home in Co. Tyrone at weekends. After being furloughed back in March and living back with her family full time, she decided to start selling Forever Living products both as something to focus on, and as a means of funding her Master’s degree.

Sarah, now back at work and having started her degree course part-time, said: “Having used Forever Living’s products, it felt quite natural for me to think about retailing them. To be honest I was grateful to have something to focus on. By mid-July I was in a position to be able to fund my Master’s.

“I had a lot of support in developing the necessary skills and enjoyed doing something that is quite different to my day job. Whilst I’m back at work now, and don’t have as much time to devote to my Forever business, I am still working it in my spare time, generating on average an extra £400 a month, which really makes a difference.”

Alanna Drennan (39) owns and runs Pedal Pump, a spin studio in south Belfast. Following lockdown like many in the fitness industry she moved her business online and started to host virtual classes.

Alanna said: “I had considered starting a Forever business but just couldn’t see how I would fit it into my already busy work and family life. Suddenly I was home-based and even though I was running classes online, I had time to spare. So in May I took the plunge and decided to give it a try.

“It’s working well and I am making a steady £200 - £300 per month retailing online. Forever’s product range is a natural fit with my health business and clientele. Even when my studio re-opens I’ll continue. I think we are all realising that we are not going to see a return to how life was. For me it was about re-evaluating my work life and how I generate my income.

“In spite of what a difficult year this has been in many respects, the additional time I’ve been able to spend at home with my son and daughter aged eight and six has been a huge positive.”

Mum of two Heidi Ashbridge (45) lives in south Belfast running a home-based cake baking business. She decided to start her Forever Living business in May and has been making between £400 and £650 each month through retailing the products. Heidi said: “I had been using Forever’s products for a couple of years and decided to sign-up partly to enjoy a discount on the products I was using anyway, but I was also curious to see if I could successfully retail them.

“It’s fitted well around my baking business and the money has certainly made a difference in our household. I do all my retailing online, hosting Zooms and even Facebook Live retail events.

“I’m enjoying embracing technology and as we are now facing so much uncertainty in our day to day lives, I feel that I have a safety net by having another form of income.”

Across the water in Grantown-on-Spey in Scotland, sales administrator and part-time hypnotherapist, Shareon Gordon, 50, says: “Lockdown was the push I needed. Having been furloughed I was worried about whether I would have a job in the future. So back in April I decided to take the plunge and start retailing Forever’s products.

“With amazing support and training I have developed a successful online business. My confidence has really grown during the past few months; with consistent financial success of around £500 profit a month, it has taken a huge worry away from me.

“While my initial motivation was out of fear, I can honestly say I have had so much fun doing this. It’s been such a positive experience that it’s my intention to continue building my Forever business, and in time give up my sales admin role, while continuing my hypnotherapy work.

“My sons are grown-up and my partner is very supportive. We live in a national park in Scotland and our house is on the market, with my Forever business being online it’s opening up all kinds of options for us in terms of where we could potentially move to. I only wish I’d started ten years ago.”

As online retailing continues to grow, and the fluctuations in regional restrictions are set to continue, the transformation in the way we work and shop has accelerated. As Shareon added, ‘I just couldn’t bear sitting there waiting and worrying – it feels so much better to take action and to feel that I am least having a hand in what the future is going to look like.”

For more information about how to start your own business with Forever Living please visit flpuk.info/opportunity

*As with any similar business, sales figures and revenue will vary and cannot be guaranteed.

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