New versatile feed bunk system launched

Moore Concrete has launched a new '“ and extremely versatile '“ bunk feeding system, comprising precast feed blocks and wooden planking.

The new feed bunker option from Moore Concrete
The new feed bunker option from Moore Concrete

They can be used in those locations within sheds, or farm yard scenarios, where both permanent and temporary feeding arrangements are required.

“We are now offering a fully versatile feed bunk option which can be easily put in place and, just as easily, moved to another location,” explained Moore Concrete’s Keri McGivern.

“The feed blocks can be spaced up to 15 feet apart, which is equivalent to a bay length in most sheds, with 35mm timbers used to fill out the rest of the trough required.

“The blocks come in the two design formats: a block with a back only, for use in conjunction with a front feed barrier. The other option is a double sided block with front and back timber slots - for use at the likes of a gate or other feeding point where a full trough option is required.”

Each of the block designs features a forklift recess, thereby facilitating their straightforward relocation around the farmyard. Removable end units are also available on request.

Keri McGivern continued: “The new feed bunk designs ensure that stock will make optimal use of silage and total mixed rations in all feeding scenarios. They fully complement the existing Moore Concrete precast feed trough range.”

For further information, contact Moore Concrete on (028) 2565 2566.