Stronger demand for cattle at Clogher

800 Cattle came under the hammer this week at Clogher Mart producing a much stronger demand in all sections.

Tuesday, 7th August 2018, 10:33 am
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 2:53 am

In the fatstock ring beef cows sold to £1520 for a 760kg B/B. Selling to £200 per 100kg cow heifers reached £1452 for a 600kg B/B. At £242 per 100kg beef bulls sold to £1519-80 for a 1020kg Lim. At £149 per 100kg and selling to £150 per 100kg for a 970kg Lim. to £1455. Fleshed Friesian cows sold to £128 per 100kg.

Leading prices in fatstock ring for beef cows and cow heifers were as follows:

Mayobridge Producer 600kg B/B. to £242 (£1452) Downpatrick Producer 760kg B/B. to £200 (£1520) Fivemiletown Producer 530kg Lim. to £196. Clogher Producer 660kg Lim. to £189, 550kg Lim. to £175, and 520kg Lim. to £168. Keady Producer 640kg Lim. to £187 and 690kg Lim. to £179. Portadown Producer 510kg Ch. to £186, 530kg B/B. to £184, 620kg Ch. to £177, and 590kg Ch. to £172. Rosslea Producer 450kg Ch. to £178. Newry Producer 660kg Ch. to £174.Benburb Producer 730kg Lim. to £173. Castlederg Producer 680kg Ch. to £170 and 690kg Lim. to £169. Galbally Producer 690kg AA. to £170. Newtownstewart Producer 690kg Lim. to £170. Clogher Producer 520kg AA. to £169.

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Other quality lots sold from £140 to £166 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £115 to £138 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £120 to £128 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £84 to £112 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £52 to £78 per 100kg.

FAT BULLS: Ballynahinch Producer 970kg Lim. to £150 (£1455) Bellanaleck Producer 1020kg Lim. to £149 (£1519-80) Fintona Producer 970kg Lim. to £144 (£1396-80) Keady Producer 1090kg AA. to £134 (£1460-60) Omagh Producer 1020kg Her. to £130 (£1326) Derrylin Producer 820kg Her. to £121 (£992-20)

FAT HEIFERS U/Age: 430kg Ch. to £192. 480kg Lim. to £188. 520kg Ch. to £184. 470kg Lim. to £180. 550kg St. to £176. 470kg Ch. to £168. 470kg AA. to £165. 630kg Fr. To £164. 480kg Ch. to £157. 640kg AA. to £155. 510kg Hol. To £141.

STORE BULLOCKS: A larger entry this week sold to a firmer demand with forward lots selling to £1525 for a 790kg Sim.(£193) from A Fearon Benburb. R Sands Newry 680kg Ch. to £1455 (£214) 690kg Ch. to £1450, 680kg Ch. to £1445, 640kg Ch. to £1350 (£211) 650kg Lim. to £1345, 670kg Ch. to £1330, 620kg Ch. to £1310 (£211) 600kg Ch. to £1265 (£211) 550kg Ch. to £1225 (£220) G Hobson Portadown 680kg Lim. to £1290, 660kg Ch. to £1275, and 640kg Ch. to £1235. Wm. Jordan Gortaclare 620kg Ch. to £1290, and 550kg Ch. to £1195 (£217) J McCann Dungannon 670kg Lim. to £1275. P Jordan Armagh 620kg Shb. To £1270. A Black Armagh 610kg Lim. to £1240. C Quinn Cookstown 560kg Lim. to £1235 (£220)

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: A J McKenna Dungannon 480kg Lim. to £1075 (£224) 480kg Lim. to £1040, 480kg Lim. to £1025, R Sands Newry 500kg Ch. to £1060 (£212) D J Doherty Enniskillen 460kg Ch. to £1060 (£230) P Jordan Armagh 480kg Shb. To £940. J McCann Dungannon 480kg Sim. to £935 B McElhone Moneymore 410kg Ch. to £930 (£227) 450kg Ch. to £890, and 410kg Ch. to £885. F McStay Lurgan 440kg Lim. to £900. S Cuddy Dungannon 490kg AA. to £900, 460kg Her. to £890, and 470kg AA. to £890. Scott & Ewing Ltd. Omagh 460kg Ch. to £890 and 410kg Lim. to £865.

STORE HEIFERS: A very keen demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1450 for a 620kg Sim. (£234) from P Gormley Dungannon. R Martin Portadown sold 570kg Ch. to £1340 (£235) 560kg Ch. to £1270, (£227) 590kg Ch. to £1250, 600kg Ch. to £1230, and 630kg Ch. to £1180. D J Doherty Enniskillen 530kg Ch. to £1230 (£232) D Leonard Magheraveely 570kg Lim. to £1210. H McClure Fivemiletown 550kg Ch. to £1200 (£218) twice, 580kg Ch. to £1200, 580kg Ch. to £1170, 560kg Lim. to £1165, 580kg B/B. to £1135, 530kg Ch. to £1100, and 550kg Ch. to £1100. J R McAree Keady 550kg Lim. to £1145 R J Woods Garvary 570kg Ch. to £1140.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: C P Dynes Armagh 500kg Lim. to £1140 (£228) J McGlinchey Eskra 440kg Sim. to £1105 (£251) A Coyle Clogher 490kg Ch. to £1050 and 500kg Lim. to £900. J Redmond Loughgall 430kg Lim. to £960, 430kg Lim. to £870, and 450kg Lim. to £830. R J Woods Garvary 480kg Ch. to £900 H McClure and 330kg Lim. to £ £855.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: J McGinn Clogher 400kg Ch. to £900 (£225) J Redmond Loughgall 390kg Lim. to £825, 350kg Lim. to £720, 360kg Sim. to £650. F Breen Kinawley 390kg Lim. to £800. M Rutledge Omagh 370kg AA. to £760, 400kg AA. to £700, 370kg AA. to £620, B Clarke Galbally 370kg Lim. to £640, 330kg Lim. to £600, 370kg Her. to £545, and 350kg Lim. to £520.

WEANLINGS: A seasonal entry sold easily to a keen demand with Steers & Bulls selling to £1140 for a 480kg Ch. (£237-50) 520kg Sim. to £1100 (£211) and 440kg Lim to £940 for R McNamee Newtownstewart A McNamee Newtownstewart sold 520kg Lim. to £1110 (£213) B Cassidy Rosslea 400kg Ch. to £1060 (£265) 420kg Ch. to £990 (£236) 430kg Ch. to £975, 440kg Ch. to £970, 370kg Ch. to £780, and 270kg Ch. to £770 (£285) E Cassidy Rosslea 290kg Ch. to £850 (£293) O’Fegan Lurgan 420kg Lim. to £845, 430kg Ea. To £775, 420kg Ea. To £760 and 430kg Ch. to £750. J McGlinchy Eskra 330kg Lim. to £830 and 360kg Lim. to £765. S McGovern Derrylin 340kg Lim. to £775. C Smyth Rosslea 290kg Ch. to £760

WEANLING HEIFERS: G Quigley Roslea 470kg Ch. to £900 (£191) and 350kg Lim. to £665. C McDonald Ballygawley 430kg Ch. to £825. C McCarron Thompsons Bridge 350kg Sim. to £815 (£233) 340kg Ch. to £805 (£237) PCampbell Coalisland 410kg Lim. to £815. , 350kg Ch. to £740, and 310kg Lim. to £675. Jonathan Keys Clogher 390kg Lim. to £800, 350kg Sim. to £675, and 350kg Sim. to £635. J McGlinghey Eskra 330kg Lim. to £795 (£241) and 300kg Lim. to £680. R McConnell Clogher 370kg Ch. to £770. C McDonald Ballygawley 420kg Lim. to £760. P E McDonald Tempo 290kg Sim. to £650. D McDonald Carrickmore 340kg Ch. to £635, and 340kg Ch. to £600.

DAIRY COWS & HEIFER: A good steady demand in this section with C Anderson Dungannon selling Calved Heifers to £1900 and £1460. A McGovern Fivemiletown sold a Calved Heifer to make £1750. R Givan Dungannon £1570 for Calved Heifer. Benburb Producer £1520 for Calved Heifer. J J Gunn Derrylin £1200 and £1140 for Calved Heifers. E McVeigh Dungannon sold Calved Cows to £1090 and £1070. Maiden Heifers sold £650, £510, and £405 for K McGrade Dromore. £550 twice for M McGinley Eskra. And £230 for Younger ones from R Watson Fivemiletown. More Maidens will be on offer on Saturday, August 11.

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: A smaller entry this week sold to brisk demand for quality lots, with H McFarland Trillick selling a Heifer & Bull Calf to £1700 and a 2nd Calver with Heifer Calf to £1460. P Lappin Keady £1500 for 2012 Cow & Bull Calf and £1070 for 09 Cow & Bull Calf. C Mc Combe Clogher £1250 for Heifer & Bull Calf. D Reid Killylea £1195 for 09 Cow & Bull Calf. M F Nugent Dungannon £1190 and £1100 for Heifers with Heifer Calves. J Cleary Omagh £1180 for Heifer & Bull Calf. A McKiver Dungannon £1100 for 2nd Calver & Bull Calf. M J Love Ballinamallard £1085 for Heifer & Bull Calf. A Martin Benburb £1035 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. Several other outfits sold from £730 to £1020.

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: A good entry this week sold to a keen demand with Bull Calves (under two months) selling to £530 for a Lim. to a Clogher Producer. M McCanny Dromore £450 for Ch. K Brannigan Dungannon £440 for Ch. S Foy Fivemiletown £410 for Lim. M Cosgrove Rosslea £390 for Ch. Augher Producer £390 for Lim. J Teague Dromore £360 for Ch. J F McGuinness Eglinton £355 for AA. G Maguire Fivemiletown £340 for Lim. A Coote Ballygawley £335 for Lim. and £310 for AA. Wm. Wilson Dungannon £330 for Lim. C Williamson Portadown £315 for Sim.

HEIFER CALVES: K Brannigan Dungannon £370 for Daq. N McKiver Dungannon £365 for Sim. R McConnell Clogher £365 for Lim. Wm. Wilson Dungannon £310 for Sim.

REARED BULLS: B McCullagh Greencastle £740 for Ch. Clogher Producer £680 and £530 for Limms. D Farrell Fivemiletown £680 for Shb. Augher Producer £630 for Sim. £615, £575, and £575 twice for Chars. And £580 for St. C Smyth Roslea £570 twice and £500 for Chars. WM. Wilson Dungannon £505 and £490 for Limms. A Watson Fermanagh £500 for Ch. R E Jones Ballygawley £500 for Her. B McCullagh Greencastle £495 and £490 for Chars.

REARED HEIFERS: Augher Producer £535 for Ch. and £405 for St. Wm. Wilson Dungannon £500 for Sim. C Smyth Roslea £470 for Ch. S Feeney Greysteel £460 for Ch. F McGirr Fintona £460 for Her. R Totten Ballinderry £435 twice for Chars and £405 for Daq. D Farrell Fivemiletown £400 for Lim.