Top line-up for Minsups championship final

There is an entry of fifty Charolais cattle qualified for this NI summer championship.

The Northern Ireland Charolais Club launched the Minsups Charolais Championship (NI).

This is the most prestigious pedigree beef championship in the province with a range of six qualifying classes across eight local shows.

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Charolais cattle awarded first and second place in the set age groups of males and females exhibited at provincial shows are selected as qualifiers for the Minsups Charolais grand final at Clogher Valley Show on Wednesday 27 th July.

Cattle participating are males born after 1st April 2015 and females born after 1 st January 2015

Organisers wish to thank the management committees of the qualifying shows for their support and assistance in co coordinating the championship and to Clogher Valley for hosting the grand final.

Spectators and visitors have the opportunity to view a wonderful line-up of excellent quality Charolais cattle. The championship is firmly established in its eleventh year creating great interest for visitors attending the popular Clogher Valley Show.

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A spectacle like this gives breeders and butchers the opportunity to see what the Charolais breed has to offer. Charolais are consistently bringing a higher return at local and UK markets.

Suckler farmers who choose to use a Charolais stock bull will produce faster growing commercial beef sought after by local butchers.

Charolais breed crosses command premium prices because of their more efficient growth and ability to finish faster.

The championship was launched at Clogher Valley Show recently when it was quoted as one of their leading beef cattle championships.

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Local Minsups representatives Tommy McKenna, Carol Mooney and John Steen have been assisting with the qualifiers at local shows.

A champion and a reserve champion will be chosen from each of the six qualifying classes resulting in a final line up of six top quality Charolais champions and reserve champions.

Ms Apryl Biddle, Minsups managing director, is travelling over from head office in Winsford Cheshire to attend the grand final and the local Minsups representatives will be on their stand to give advice and show the range of Minsups product range to breeders.

The new president of British Charolais Mr Peter Donger along with chief executive Mr David Benson, who will also be attending the final.

Judge for the championship is Mr Andrew Hornall, Fallen Finch Farm Stirling.

For further details contact the NI Charolais Club on 028 6634 2996 or email: [email protected].