Beef cows selling to £1584.20 at Clogher Mart

A very sharp demand in all sections for a small entry of stock at Clogher Mart on Saturday 28th November with premium returns on offer for a lot of quality stock in all sections.

In the fatstock ring cow heifers sold to £1417-50 for a 630kg Limousin to £225 per 100kg for an Augher producer. followed by a 610kg Limousin to £1305-40 at £214 per 100kg for a Seskinore producer.

Beef cows sold to £1584-20 for a 890kg Charolais to £178 for a Lack producer and reaching a top of £180 per 100kg for an 860kg Charolais totalling (£1548).

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Fleshed Friesian cows sold to £129 for a 770kg (£993-30) for a Cookstown producer.

Fat bulls sold to £138 for a 990kg Charolais £1366-20.

Fat steers sold to £208 for a 670kg Charolais (£1393-60).

Fat heifers sold to £211 for a 650kg Aberdeen Angus (£1371-50).

In the store rings heavy steers sold to £1810 for a 820kg Charolais (£221) and rising to £237 per 100kg for a 730kg Charolais to £1730 an entry of heavy Friesian steers sold to a top of £1320 for 725kg (£182) and averaged £181 per 100kg for all for an Armagh producer.

Med weights sold to £1220 for a 495kg Limousin (£246) rising to £255 per 100kg for a 435kg Charolais to £1110.

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Store heifers outstanding Limousin from a Fintona producer 575kg sold to £1840 (£320).

Med weights sold to £1150 for 485kg Limousin (£237) rising to £247 per 100kg for a 420kg Charolais to £1040.

Smaller heifers sold to £271 per 100kg for a 350kg Limousin to £950.

Weanling males sold to £990 for a 405kg Charolais (£244) rising to £273 per 100kg for a 355kg Charolais to £970.

Weanling heifers sold to £990 for a 400kg Limousin (£247).

Dairy cows to £2120.

Suckler cows to £1520.

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Dropped calves bulls to £560 and heifers to £530 for Limousin reared male lumps sold to £930 twice for Charolais female lumps sold to £790 for Charolais.

Leading prices in fatstock ring for beef cows and cow heifers as follows: Eskra producer 690kg Limousin to £209 (£1442-10); Moira producer 650kg Simmental to £202 (£1313); Dungannon producer 720kg Aubrac to £1382-40; Downpatrick producer 720kg Fleckvieh to £188 (£1353-60); Magheraveely producer 800kg Charolais to £184 (£1472); Beragh producer 740kg Charolais to £182 (£1346-80); Rosslea producer 720kg Limousin to £181 (£1303-20); Newtownbutler producer 860kg Charolais to £180 (£1548); Lack producer 890kg Charolais to £178 (£1584-20); Newtownbutler producer 810kg Limousin to £176 (£1425-60); Coalisland producer 750kg Charolais to £175 (£1312-50) and 810kg Charolais to £172 (£1393-20); Macken producer 740kg Limousin to £172 (£1272-80); Middletown producer 630kg Charolais to £172 (£1083-60) and Moira producer 700kg Limousin to £171 (£1197).

Other quality lots sold from £147 to £170 per 100kg.

Second quality coloured lots sold from £126 to £144 per 100kg.

Fleshed Friesian cows sold from £116 to £129 per 100kg for 770kg (£993-30).

Plainer Friesian lots sold from £90 to £112 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £72 to £87 per 100kg.


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Rosslea producer 990kg Charolais to £138 (£1366-20); Fivemiletown producer 830kg Charolais to £138 (£1145-40) and Armagh producer 980kg Aberdeen Angus to £114 (£1117-20).


670kg Charolais to £208 (£1393-60) 730kg Charolais to £204. 610kg Charolais to £201. 720kg Charolais to £200. 670kg Limousin to £198. 580kg Simmental to £196. 710kg Charolais to £193. 560kg Limousin to £192. 620kg Limousin to £190.


630kg Limousin to £211(£1329-30); 580kg Limousin to £210. 620kg Simmental to £208. 570kg Charolais to £206. 610kg Limousin to £203. 560kg Simmental to £200. 540kg Limousin to £196. 650kg Simmental to £194. 500kg Limousin to £190.


Quality lots selling from £219 to £237 per 100kg for a 730kg Charolais to £1730 for a Fintona producer.

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A very strong demand for a smaller entry this week with an Augher producer selling an 820kg Charolais to £1810 (£221); 805kg Charolais to £1800 (£223) 860kg Charolais to £1800 (£209) 770kg Charolais to £1730 (£224) 790kg Limousin to £1690 (£214) and 770kg Charolais to £1680 (£218); Fermanagh producer 820kg Charolais to £1810 (£221) 795kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £1810 (£227) 805kg Charolais to £1790 (£222) and 800kg Charolais to £1790 (£224); N Wilson Fintona 765kg Charolais to £1750 (£229) 760kg Charolais to £1730 (£227) and 740kg Charolais to £1660 (£224); J O’Neill Dromore 730kg Charolais to £1730 (£237) 750kg Charolais to £1700 (£226) 725kg Charolais to £1680 (£232) and 740kg Charolais to £1680 (£227); S J Herron Benburb 770kg Charolais to £1690 (£219); S Heenan Fintona 780kg Simmental to £1670 (£214) and W Forster Rosslea 720kg Limousin to £1660 (£230).

A selection of heavy Friesian steers from J McAnallen Armagh sold 725 to £1320 (£182) 620kg to £1200 (£193) 650kg to £1180 (£181) 670kg to £1170 (£174) 630kg to £1130 (£179) 610kg to £1130 (£185) 600kg to £1120 (£186) 595kg to £1060 (£178) and 590kg to £1000 (£169) average price per kilo for 9 cattle £181.


S McGlinchey Dungannon 495kg Limousin to £1220 (£246) and 480kg Limousin to £1080 (£225); P Byers Fivemiletown 460kg Limousin to £1130 (£245) and 480kg Limousin to £1080 (£225); M McGinley Eskra 455kg Limousin to £1120 (£246) 435kg Charolais to £1110 (£255) 435kg Charolais to £1100 (£253) and 420kg Limousin to £1030 (£245); M McCormick Loughgall 470kg Limousin to £1100 (£234); S Erskine Ballygawley 500kg Belgian Blue to £1000. A Daly Benburb 460kg Charolais to £1000. R A Orr Brookeborough 455kg Limousin to £930 and 435kg Limousin to £920.


Quality lots selling to £320 per 100kg for a 575kg Limousin to £1840 for a Fintona producer.

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Sample prices: Demand remains very keen in this section with quality lots selling to premium prices this week P J McCarney Fintona sold an outstanding Limousin 575kg to make £1840 (£320 per 100kg); J O’Neill Dromore sold a 765kg Charolais to £1670 (£218); A McKenzie Dungannon 605kg Charolais to £1450 (£239) and 555kg Aubrac to £1260 (£227); K Farrell Fivemiletown 595kg Limousin to £1410 (£237) 605kg Charolais to £1290 (£213) 560kg Charolais to 31240 (£221) 575kg Charolais to £1220 (£212) and 525kg Charolais to £1190 (£226); Derrylin producer 645kg Limousin to £1360 (£211) and 575kg Limousin to £1190 (£207); J McGrath Dromore 615kg Charolais to £1340 (£218); W T McFarland Beragh 610kg Simmental to £1330 (£218) 610kg Simmental to £1300 93213) and 520kg Simmental to £1180 (£227) and S Kelly Carrickmore 535kg Charolais to £1140 (£213).


A Daly Benburb 485kg Limousin to £1150 (£237); H C Bothwell Fivemiletown 450kg Charolais to £1110 (£246) 445kg Charolais to £1030 (£231); S McGlinchey Dungannon 450kg Limousin to £1100 (£244); K Farrell Fivemiletown 485kg Limousin to £1060 (£218); M Watson Fivemiletown 430kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £1050 (£244) 420kg Charolais to £1040 (£247) 455kg Limousin to £1020 (£224) 405kg Charolais to £1010 (£249) and 435kg Limousin to £990 (£227); E McDermot Augher 480kg Limousin to £1000 (£208); O Mulgrew Cookstown 500kg Hereford to £970 (£194) and N Morrow Fivemiletown 425kg Limousin to £900 (£212).


M Watson Fivemiletown 385kg Limousin to £990 (£257) 390kg Limousin to £980 (£251) 370kg Charolais to £960 (£259) 370kg Charolais to £900 (£243) and 375kg Charolais to £860 (£229) and N Morrow Fivemiletown 350kg Limousin to £950 (£271).


A large entry sold easily to a brisk demand with bull calves (under two months) selling to £560 for Limousin bull to a Ballygawley producer. P McGirr Ballygawley sold a Limousin bull to £560. F Corrigan Clogher £445 for Aberdeen Angus bull; J Edgerton Derrylin £435 for Limousin bull. H McCarney Seskinore £420 and 390 for Charolais. Lakeview Farms, Rosslea £410 for Fleckvieh; Fivemiletown producer £395 for Aberdeen Angus bull. R Hassard Enniskillen £365 for Aberdeen Angus bull. Omagh producer £360 for Aberdeen Angus bull. A Veitch Lisbellaw £355 for Aberdeen Angus bull.


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P McGirr Ballygawley £530 x 2 £500 x 2 and £365 for Limousins. Ballygawley producer £500 for Limousin J Edgerton Derrylin £380 for Limousin R Loughran Cookstown £380 for Limousin


J Jackson Fivemiletown £930 and £800 for Charolais. M Cosgrove Rosslea £890, £850 and £810 for Charolais. A W Wilson Dungannon £720 for Limousin; S McAleer Rosslea £710 for Limousin A Mitchell Cookstown 710, £670, and £600 for Blonde d’Aquitaine. M Rafferty Armagh £710 x 2 £690, £650, and £640 x 2 for Aberdeen Angus. D M and E Murray Fintona £690 for Limousin; Mountview Cattle Dungannon £640 for Aberdeen Angus and S Cassidy Tempo £630 for Charolais.


J Jackson Fivemiletown £790 and £700 for Charolais. C Purvis Stewartstown 740 for Hereford and £650 for Limousin; A McGovern Newtownbutler £700, £640, £600, £560, and £550 for Charolais. S McAleer Rosslea £680,and £660. For Limousins. S Cassidy Tempo £660 for Limousin and £640, £610 for Charolais. I Bothwell Drumcose £625 x 2 and £620 for Simmentals. S Cox Kinawley £550 for Charolais


A smaller entry sold to £2120 for a calved heifer from a Portadown producer. Monaghan producer £1700 for calved heifer. Newtownhamilton producer £1480 for calved heifer. Craigavon producer £1040 for calved Shorthorn beef heifer.


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A good steady demand in this section with steers and bulls selling to £990 for a 405 kg Charolais (£244) 360kg Limousin to £930 (£258) and 350kg Limousin to £910 (£260) for D McLaren Dromore. G P McCullagh 355kg Charolais to £970 (£273) and 335kg Charolais to £820 (£245); Strabane producer 415kg Aberdeen Angus to £920 (£221); S Devine Ballygawley 365kg Limousin to £910 (£249) and 375kg Limousin to £900 (£240); J J Moane Fivemiletown 330kg Limousin to £890 (£270) and 275kg Limousin to £810 (£294); A Collen Tandragee 370kg Charolais to £880 (£238) and 405kg Charolais to £860 (£212); N B Hall Fivemiletown 380kg Aberdeen Angus to £850 (£223) 365kg Aberdeen Angus to £810 (£222) and 360kg Aberdeen Angus to £780 (£216); D Simpson Aughnacloy 295kg Charolais to £790 (£268) 290kg Charolais to £780 (£269) and 290kg Charolais to £770 (£265) and V Rafferty Dungannon 305kg Charolais to £760 (£249).


R Birney Ederney 400kg Limousin to £990 (£247) 370kg Limousin to £780, (£211) 325kg Limousin to £750 (£231) 295kg Limousin to £720 (£244) and 310kg Limousin to £690 (£222); D McLaren Dromore 360kg Limousin to £850 (£236) and 345kg Limousin to £760 (£220); Strabane producer 370kg Aberdeen Angus to £760, 390kg Aberdeen Angus to £760, 385kg Aberdeen Angus to £720 and 335kg Aberdeen Angus to £700. V Rafferty Dungannon 315kg Charolais to £740 (£235) and 310kg Charolais to £680 (£219); D Simpson Aughnacloy 290kg Charolais to £710 (£245) and 260kg Charolais to £680 (£261) and G P McCullagh Omagh 300kg Charolais to £700 (£233).


A small turnout sold to £1520 and £1240 for B McCarney Seskinore with another Seskinore producer selling to £1340 and £1280. Others selling from £1000.

Flying trade for all stock at clogher market first christmas beef show and sale: On Monday 23rd November Clogher Valley Livestock Producers held their first ever Christmas beef show and sale at their cattle market in the heart of Tyrone.

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The brainchild behind this event was yard manager Robert Simpson a keen fat stock exhibitor himself; explained: “I always felt it was something we needed back in Co Tyrone with some top quality cattle being shown with us on a busy Saturday sale I thought why not try a Christmas Beef Show and Sale?”

Robert also went on to say that he was overwhelmed with the response he got from farmers right across the country who were willing to come and support Clogher market and also to the local butchers who travelled far and wide to support the sale greatly.

After months on waiting on a response from HSE and Defra about being allowed to run a special event under strict Covid-19 protocols, the show and sale went without any problems, Clogher market would also like to thank everyone who attend our sale and obeyed by all the guidelines set for us on the night

A total 166 prime beef cattle went through the sale ring with a 97% clearance rate.

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There was a total of 1,894 viewers watching the sale online with a total of 17 cattle purchased by online bidders there was nine cattle exported to England and one exported to southern Ireland.

The mart had great support from local butchers with one butcher buying a total of 15 heifers

Highlight of the night was the overall champion from S and K Williamson a catchy roan Limousin bred heifer weighing 500kg.

After strong ringside and online bidding she sold to a record price of £5,050 a whopping (£10.10 a kg).

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The Successful buyer was teenager Freddie Miskelly from Downpatrick, Co Down.

Reserve champion was a British Blue bred heifer from Mr Vincent Lennon, weighing in at 640kg and sold for £2200 (£3.43 a kg) to Farm Gate Meats, Magherlin.

Housewife choice animal was a Limousin bred heifer from Alan Veitch weighing 600kg and sold for £4,000 (£6.65kg) and sold to ‘Farm Gate Meats also reserve housewives champion was a Charolais bred heifer from R Law weighting 575kg at £2500 (£4.34kg) selling to newly opened butchers in Rosslea, Co Fermanagh Campbell Butchers.

Results, prices and buyers are as follows:

Fat cow class

First R Leonard 945kg-£2500 sold to Frazer Livestock, second J Killen 970kg-£2020 sold to John Dillon, third Drumgose farm 840kg-£2450 sold to John Dillon.

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Limousin heifer, first S and K Williamson, second Alan Veitch, third R Law 640kg-£2000 sold to Jake Cummings.

Charolais heifer

First J Killen 630kg-£1750 to Clogher Valley Meats, second D Aiken 660kg-£1700 to Kitson’s Butchers, Yorkshire, third N Harvey 570kg-£1580 to Kitson’s Butchers, Yorkshire.

AOB heifer

First V Lennon, second J Brown 700kg-£1940 to John Dillon, third G Mohan 570kg-£1480 to S Erskine.

Native breed heifer, first, G Corrie 600kg-£1460 to Andrew Thompson, second, M Trotter 650kg-£1640 to J Sawyers.

Limousin bullock

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First Nathan Harvey 800kg-£2000 to MD Livestock, second Drumgose Farms 630kg-£1620 to Philip Bailey and third O Loughran 540kg-£1600 to C Donnelly.

Charolais bullock

First D Grimes 750kg-£1780 to Alister Lyons, second D Grimes 740kg-£1700 to Philip Bailey, third A Whyte 645-£1560 to Andrew Thompson.

AOB bullock

First B Wilson 660kg-£1600 to MD Livestock, second Drumgose Farm 770kg-£1840 to MD Livestock, third T McClure 625kg-£1600 to Kitson’s Butchers, Yorkshire.

Native breed bullock

First A Burlegh 620kg-£1750 to Creightons of Balmoral Shop, Belfast, second B Wilson 730kg-£1780 to MD Livestock, third G Corrie 620kg-£1580 to Andrew Thomson.

Other highlights include

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D Boles limousin heifer 585kg at £2600 to M Daire, Roscommon.

G Corrie Charolais heifer 755kg at £2000 to Hutton Meats, Cookstown.

A Ferguson Charolais heifer 790kg at £2060 and 730kg at £2000 to Hutton Meats, Cookstown. P and E McKenna Limousin heifer 670kg at £1840 to J Sawyers, Omagh. M Toal, British Blue bullock 650kg at £1800 to Kitson’s Butchers, Yorkshire.

Limousin champion, S and K Williamson, reserve champion, Alan Veitch, Charolais champion, John Killen, reserve champion, D Grimes, AOB champion, V Lennon, reserve champion, B Wilson, Native champion, A Burlegh, and reserve champion, G Corrie.

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Special thanks to the judge Mr TJ Duffy from Co Mayo for doing a fantastic job on the night and to all the sponsors of the show for your support for the first Christmas beef show and sale.

Other buyers on the night buying top quality stock for their customers included: Brogan Meats, Minehill Farms, Pat Traynor Butcher’s, Ballygawley, Hutton Meats, Cookstown, C and J Meats, Lake View Meats, Linden Foods and Doherty and Gray.

Clogher Mart hope to see everyone back again next year for a bigger and better event with hopefully a lot less restrictions in place.

For more upcoming special sales keep an eye on or on the Facebook page.

For more information of live sales or if you wish to run your own special sale please get in contact with Robert in the office on 02885548500/02885548279 or [email protected].

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