Christian Aid Ireland expresses its total appreciation to people in Northern Ireland

St John's parish church, Glenavy, Co Antrim     Pictures; Billy MaxwellSt John's parish church, Glenavy, Co Antrim     Pictures; Billy Maxwell
St John's parish church, Glenavy, Co Antrim Pictures; Billy Maxwell
The Christian Aid Ireland charity organisation has expressed its total appreciation to people in Northern Ireland for support of the relief work at an international level over the past year.

The substantive cash raised primarily from church organisations has helped the charity bring much-needed humanitarian help to stricken people in various parts of the world.

"The generosity of our supporters has helped Christian Aid reach 600,000 people inside war-torn Ukraine, as well as 170,000 refugees in neighbouring mid-European countries, providing them with cash, medical equipment and shelter," the charity's chief executive Rosemund Bennett has confirmed in a public letter this week.

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The charity has also been involved in bringing aid to countries in the Horn of Africa where the worst drought in 40 years is pushing an estimated 23 million people closer to famine. .

In northern Kenya, rivers are being dried up with the drought, causing enormous hardship for the local population.

The charity provides meaningful cash support,, brings in water tankers to help cope with the droughts, and also distributes fodder and veterinary medicine to keep vulnerable livestock alive.

Christian Aid is also responding to humanitarian crisis situations in Ethiopia and other parts of Kenya by repairing wells, handing out water purification kits, and providing direct cash support.

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"Christian Aid is appreciative. of the donations people in Northern Ireland made in 2022 to help those in other countries who have so little.

Their exceptional generosity in bringing hope to communities living in poverty and crisis is appreciated," said Ms Bennett.

The three main Protestant denominations - Presbyterian, Church of Ireland and Methodist - have direct links with Christian Aid in various countries where the charity operates, bringing much-needed relief to communities stricken by the dire effects of wars, famine and environmental climate change.

The Northern Ireland churches are also fully supportive of the Tearfund charity which works alongside Christian Aid in various crisis-hit countries.

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Presbyterian moderator the Rev Dr John Kikpatrick teamed up with the charities when he visited war-stricken Ukraine and neighbouring western Hungary on a pastoral and fact-finding visit in October.

Earlier this year, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland very generously donated £1.3million to urgent relief work in Ukraine, undertaken by the charities and the Hungarian Reformed Church.

The money came from the 500-plus congregations in the 19 presbyteries across Ireland and the Ukraiinian/Hungarian churches warmly acknowledged the help.

The Irish Presbyterian Church acknowledges Christian Aid and Tearfund as global partners in the various international relief situations.