Conjoined twins Annabelle and Isabelle Bateson separated in London hospital - 'long recovery ahead of them' but 'they are strong wee ladies'

It was the news we were all hoping to hear – ‘Annie and Issie have been separated’ and ‘our wee girlies did so well’.
Image from Conjoined Bateson Twins pageImage from Conjoined Bateson Twins page
Image from Conjoined Bateson Twins page

A post on the Bateson Conjoined Twins Facebook Page says: “It was a very long day, their surgery lasted until the early hours of Tuesday morning but our wee girlies did so well.

“There is along and we expect there to be some bumps along the way but they are strong wee ladies and are being well cared for.”

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The post adds: “I just want to say THANK YOU, the love we have been shown has been completely overwhelming and the prayers that have been said for them have carried us through.

"The team that carried out the girls surgery are just amazing and we are very grateful.

“Please continue to pray for their recovery, for healing and for them to be as comfortable as possible.

“Thank you God for having your hand on our daughters.

“Lots of love Annie, Issie, Dan & Hannah”

An earlier post on the Bateson Conjoined Twins Facebook page said: “The big day is nearly upon us.

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“The reality of what is ahead of our wee family is definitely sinking in.

"Over the next couple of days Dan and I are going to hold our girls as close as possible, loads of cuddles.

"We won’t be able to hold them for so long afterwards and we plan on making the most of every moment between now and Monday.

“We are going to go quiet on the ole socials between now and the surgery but we will try and get you all an update afterwards as soon as we can.

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“I can’t tell you how completely overwhelmed we are by the love and support we have received.

"I would love to reply to each and every message but just know that we are so very grateful.

“Please can I ask that you continue pray for our girls and for us to have the strength to care for them in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Conjoined twins Anabelle andConjoined twins Anabelle and
Conjoined twins Anabelle and

“Lots of love Dan, Hannah, Annie and Issie

“Ps it’s a nightmare to get the 4 of us looking at the camera at the same time… and all looking happy at the same time.”

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In recent months the family started a JustGiving page in a bid to raise funds for their daughters operation.

So far they have raised £21,107.

The appeal explains: “Annabelle and Isabelle our miracle babies.

“Their parents, Hannah & Dan, found out early in the pregnancy that they were having conjoined twins. This was a long waitied for pregnancy and they were committed to carrying on even though the outcome was so uncertain.

“From the beginning these girls showed their determination, no one knew if they would survive the pregnancy or birth but the girls were born with lungs filled with air, screaming, showing everyone their strength and fight, we hope and pray that this determination continues to carry them through the challenges that they are going face throughout their lives.”

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