NI lags well behind rest of 
UK on booster jabs roll-out

Northern Ireland lags well behind other UK regions in the roll out of coronavirus booster shots, new figures show.

At least 6.1 million booster doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been delivered in the UK as a whole, according to the figures.

An estimated 5,235,928 doses had been delivered in England as of Sunday, along with 511,807 in Scotland and 51,053 in Northern Ireland.

In Wales, 322,591 booster doses had been delivered as of October 21 – the latest figure available.

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It means at least one in eight people in the UK who have received a first and second dose of vaccine are likely to have also received a booster.

The figures have been published by NHS England, Public Health Scotland, Public Health Wales and the Northern Ireland Department of Health.

The figure for England includes a small number of third primary doses of vaccine, NHS England said.

Wales continues to lead the other nations in the proportion of double-jabbed people who have also received a booster, at 14.4%, according to analysis by the PA news agency.

This is despite the data for Wales running several days behind the other three nations. The latest figure for England is 13.7%, with 13.1% for Scotland and 4.1% for Northern Ireland.

Data on booster take-up among age groups in Northern Ireland is not yet available.