Support Your Girls and raise fital funds for Cancer Focus NI

Know your normal and enter competition to win a gorgeous Gucci handbag

Cancer Focus NI ambassador and Cool FM DJ Rebecca McKinney with the super expensive Gucci handbag now available to be won. Enter the competition without delay
Cancer Focus NI ambassador and Cool FM DJ Rebecca McKinney with the super expensive Gucci handbag now available to be won. Enter the competition without delay

Cancer Focus NI has launched this year’s annual breast cancer awareness campaign which runs throughout October with a focus on signs and symptoms.

One in ten women in Northern Ireland get breast cancer, a startling statistic. On average 1,479 local women are diagnosed each year and approximately 80% of these are over the age of 50.

However, breast cancer can and does also happen to both younger women and a small number of men. Over the last five years the annual number of breast cancer cases have increased by 15%.

“Two thirds of breast cancers are discovered by women themselves. Knowing your breasts – what is normal for you – and being aware of the key signs and symptoms is vital for early detection,” said Rosie Forsythe, Cancer Focus NI.

“Breast cancer can have a number of symptoms. But the most common sign is usually a lump or area of thickened breast tissue. Remember, nine out of 10 lumps are harmless but still need to be checked out by your GP.”


Look out for a lump, any thickening of the skin in and around your breasts, a dimple or puckering of the skin, any change in the size or shape of your breasts, any unusual sensations, pain or discomfort in the breast region, veins in the area becoming more visible, discharge from the nipple (especially blood-stained), any change in nipple shape or inverted nipples, or a persistent rash on either of your breasts.


Maintaining a healthy weight, reducing your alcohol intake, taking part in regular physical activity, reducing fat in your diet and eating more fruit and vegetables, breastfeeding if you have just given birth and stopping smoking are all key ways in which you can limit your risk of developing the disease.


Cancer Focus NI has teamed up with stylist and Cool FM Radio Presenter, Rebecca McKinney, to raise awareness and vital funds for breast cancer support.

To set up a much-needed support group specifically for younger women diagnosed with breast cancer, Cancer Focus NI is running a competition to win a timeless Gucci handbag worth £2,000 for just £5.

“We know that there is a great need for more support specifically among younger women who have been diagnosed. With the money raised from the Gucci bag competition, we plan to provide a unique new six-week service that will give women a chance to speak to experts on a wide range of topics such as infertility and sexual relationships, as well as to meet others in a similar situation.

Charity ambassador Rebecca McKinney said of the Support Your Girls campaign: “This is an excellent breast cancer awareness campaign as well as a fantastic fundraiser for an extremely important cause and I’m so proud to be an ambassador.  Personally, I’ve learnt how crucial it is to keep an eye out for the early signs of breast cancer We need to keep an eye out for anything we feel is not quite right – some of .the signs include a lump in the breast, puckered skin, thickening, a rash, oozing or crusting. Now is the right time to remind women to pay attention to any changes in their breasts, to learn how to spot the signs of breast cancer and to see their doctor straight away if they have any concerns. One tip is to set a monthly reminder on your phone.” 

The prize is kindly sponsored by the charity’s corporate partner, Northstone Materials. Darren McMillan, managing director said: “We’re delighted to be able to contribute to this campaign and the fantastic work that Cancer Focus NI does. We hope that through this competition we can help young local women get the support they need when they need it most.”

You can find out more about the Support Your Girls campaign and the signs and symptoms along with the Gucci bag competition at