Victoria’s a finalist in Urban Jungle ‘Heroes’ competition

A woman from Antrim has reached the final in a national competition to find young adults who have helped in their communities during the 2020 pandemic.

Victoria McClements, 20, was nominated for the Urban Jungle’s Heroes 2020 competition by her mother Audrey McClements, also from Antrim.

Audrey said: “My daughter Victoria suffers from a rare, life-threatening illness and had no option to shield for 12 weeks with her boyfriend Conor and her Granny and Grandad as I’m a key worker.

“Being singers, Victoria and Conor set up their sound system in the garden every Thursday evening and entertained the neighbours, as well as their Facebook followers, while dedicating their songs to the NHS and frontline workers.

Competition finalist Victoria McClements

“A special moment occurred when one of the nurses who saved Victoria’s life back in 2012 made contact and thanked Victoria for her selfless act every Thursday evening. Her songs were reaching those who were helping save lives.

“With no income since March, Victoria and Conor have recently created their own duet - Bello Duo - and have released their first album: “Out of the Darkness”.

“Victoria has never allowed her illness to dictate what she can and can’t do with her life, despite the daily struggles she goes through, and she will always be my hero!”

Jimmy Williams, CEO of Urban Jungle, the company which is running the competitio, said: “We think young adults have had to endure a lot in 2020 and want to do our bit to say: ‘thank you’.

“We wanted to meet the people, hear the stories and give thanks and recognition to those who have helped us all through.

“Whether they went shopping for an ill neighbour, took up the slack at work when others couldn’t or have been on the front line, we wanted to find those young adults and share their inspiring stories.”

The winner of the competition will receive a £250 Amazon voucher and become Urban Jungle’s 2020 Hero. Four finalists will also win £50 Amazon vouchers.

You can find out the winner on February 1, and to see the full list of finalists, via the link: