Your guide to 5 of the best CBD gummies in the UK

Here is a list of the 5 best CBD gummies in the UK. We compare their prices, ingredients lists, and taste.
CBD is big news in the wellness world – want to know more?CBD is big news in the wellness world – want to know more?
CBD is big news in the wellness world – want to know more?

Since the UK government legalised CBD in 2018, the industry has boomed, with the ingredient now making star appearances in everything from food supplements to skin cream to dog treats.

But it’s CBD gummies that are rapidly claiming a spot as one of the most popular forms of CBD edibles. And with a brief scan of the options available to consumers, it’s easy to see why.

Online, you’ll find CBD gummies in many forms, from simple fruit pastille mimics to gummy worms, bears, and fruit shapes. And while they may not look like much more than a simple treat, their ingredient lists tell a different story.

If you’re a regular shopper for food supplements, it’s likely you’ve noticed the CBD trend emergingIf you’re a regular shopper for food supplements, it’s likely you’ve noticed the CBD trend emerging
If you’re a regular shopper for food supplements, it’s likely you’ve noticed the CBD trend emerging

These gummies contain notable doses of CBD: the cannabinoid that users claim eases conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is found in the flowers, stems and leaves of the hemp plant. Manufacturers claim that it works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate functions like motor control, mood, and sleep.

And with the gummy format offering a portable, delicious and discreet way to consume CBD - much like a CBD capsule - they’ve rapidly become the go-to option for busy people who want to reap the benefits.

But which CBD gummy is best? We’ve waded through the options, comparing prices, ingredients lists, sourcing details and taste to bring you our top choices for the highest-quality CBD gummy to buy in 2022.

1. CBII CBD Gummies, £34 for 30 gummies, 25mg CBD per gummy

In the number one position, we have CBII’s fruity jelly sweets, offering 25mg of broad spectrum CBD per confection, a juicy texture, and no trace of the herbal aftertaste prevalent in hemp products.

Since the gummies are made using broad spectrum CBD, they’re guaranteed to contain less than 0.2 per cent THC - the cannabinoid found in marijuana that has intoxicating effects. However, unlike sweets that use CBD isolate, these morsels still contain the complementary minor cannabinoids from the hemp plant. These cannabinoids work with CBD to bolster its benefits, a phenomenon known as the ‘entourage effect’.

You’ll find four flavours in each jar: watermelon, tangerine, lemon and raspberry. The gummies are coloured with bright hues extracted from natural ingredients such as turmeric and beetroot, and are vegan and free from preservatives.

The CBD in CBII’s range - which also includes oils and balms - is sourced in Oregon, which is regarded to be the most strictly regulated market in the US. From there, CBII works with a Swiss manufacturer to draw out the CBD using a patented method that’s as gentle on the plant - and the planet - as possible.

From harvest to shelf, the gummies are pushed through a five-step testing process and go through independent lab testing to ensure standardised dosage and quality across the board. The cherry on top? There’s free shipping to all UK addresses directly from CBII’s website.

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2. Indica Beauty CBD Gummy Worms, £20 for 20 gummies, various strengths

With their sugar dusting, striped pastel-coloured bodies and tangy flavours, Indica Beauty’s CBD gummies make it hard to stop at just one. However, with doses of 20, 23, or 68.5mg of broad-spectrum CBD per sweet, you’ll want to go easy.

Calling upon ingredients such as turmeric, organic cane juice, and grape juice, the worms are vegan and gluten-free. Further still, Indica Beauty has focused on stripping out all unnecessary chemicals with a solvent-free extraction method that makes for a truly clean CBD experience.

3. Medterra CBD Gummies Keep Calm, £34.99 for 30 gummies, 25mg per gummy

Medterra has kept it simple with their CBD gummies, opting for a simple cube shape and one flavour per bag. However, in terms of taste, texture, and potency, these gummies deliver.

Alongside 25mg of CBD isolate per gummy, the squares also administer powerful health-boosting ingredients turmeric and amino acid L-Theanine. While turmeric is known to soothe inflammation, L-Theanine is used for its ability to improve mental function.

It pays to note that because the gummies call upon CBD isolate instead of broad or full spectrum CBD, you won’t find complementary cannabinoids in the ingredient list. While this may be good for users who want to avoid even trace levels of THC (perhaps because they have to undergo frequent drug testing for work or sport), it means they won’t experience the entourage effect that can occur when a range of cannabinoids work together in a dose.

4. Eden’s Gate High Strength CBD Gummies, £44.99 for 25 gummies, 20mg per gummy

Eden's Gate is a family-run business that prides itself on the full visibility that it has over its range, which includes everything from CBD teas to oils. Their sugar-coated gummy bears, which come in a range of bright hues with 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD per sweet, are no exception.

Reviewers praise the gummies’ taste and texture, which is hard to tell apart from a regular gummy bear, as well as the effects they’ve experienced from taking the dose, which range from pain relief to reduced anxiety.

5. SOOL CBD Gummies, £49.99 for 30 gummies, 25mg per gummy

Unlike most products on this list, SOOL’s hemp is European-sourced, hailing from both Spain and Lithuania.

The team aims to produce high-quality, sustainable CBD products, with each bottle marked with a traceable batch code so you can find lab results that back up the claims on the label.

At 25mg per sweet, SOOL’s broad-spectrum CBD gummies will suit those looking for a generous dose. The gummies come in tubs of 30, with a mix of green apple and lemon sweets. However, at £49.99 for 30 gummies, SOOL is one of the more expensive offerings on the list.

CBD gummy good-to-knows

Will CBD get you high?

The short answer: no. The long answer: like THC (the cannabinoid responsible for marijuana's psychoactive effects), CBD is extracted from a plant in the cannabis species. But while THC is extracted from marijuana plants, CBD is extracted from hemp, which has only trace amounts of THC. Furthermore, to be sold legally in the UK, CBD products have to contain less than 0.2 per cent THC – nowhere near enough to have an intoxicating effect.

How much CBD should you take a day?

The answer depends on your body’s individual needs. The FSA guidelines advise against exceeding 70mg a day, and it’s important that you check with your medical professional before starting out.

Once you’ve got the green light, it’s a good idea to start out with a low dosage, keeping note of how your body responds before re-adjusting.

Which form of CBD should you look for?

Earlier in this article, we alluded to the fact that there are many cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. When taken together, these compounds boost each other’s effectiveness. The CBD community coins this effect the ‘entourage’ effect. Whether or not your gummy will produce this effect depends on which type of extract the manufacturer has used.

- CBD isolate has gone through a crystallisation process to remove all other compounds, so gummies that contain CBD isolate will contain just pure CBD.

- Full spectrum CBD is the rawest form of CBD you’ll find in gummies. Because of this, it often tastes stronger, and contains higher levels of THC. This can make it difficult to sell on the UK market, as it’s harder to ensure full spectrum products come under the legal UK limit of 0.2 per cent THC.

- Broad spectrum CBD is similar to full spectrum: it’s delivered alongside supporting cannabinoids present in hemp. However, the manufacturer has stripped out the THC, meaning it comes in under the legal UK limit of 0.2 per cent but still delivers the entourage effect.

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