Battle of the Somme parade to be held in Larne

A Battle of the Somme commemoration parade will take place in Larne this evening (June 26).

Constable Anderson Memorial Flute Band. INNT 30-030-PSB
Constable Anderson Memorial Flute Band. INNT 30-030-PSB

The parade, organised by Larne District LOL No. 1, will commence at 7.30 pm.

Constable Anderson Memorial Flute Band, along with LOL No. 1297 Boyne Defenders, will leave Larne Rangers’ Club at 7.00pm to meet the main parade at Curran Road.

The parade will continue along Main Street, High Street and Bridge Street for a short service to be held at Larne War Memorial before returning at approximately 8.30pm along Bridge Street; High Street; Pound Street; Victoria Road; Old Glenarm Road; Herbert Avenue; Greenland Drive; Newington Avenue; Glenarm Road and Curran Road.

Other bands taking part will be Magheramorne Silver Band; Constable Anderson Old Boys; Cairncastle Flute Band; Clyde Valley Flute Band; Killyglen Accordion; McMaster Memorial Accordion and Larne Harbour LOL 766 Accordion bands.