Irish tricolour finally edited out of jubilee footage – replaced by NI football image

The BBC have edited out a clip from the Queen’s jubilee celebrations which wrongly showed an Irish tricolour to represent Northern Ireland.

By Adam Kula
Friday, 10th June 2022, 5:34 pm

During the Queen’s jubilee extravaganza on Saturday June 4 a BBC-made montage displayed a woman waving a green, white and orange flag on a giant screen outside Buckingham Palace.

This was seen by millions of people worldwide, with roughly 13.4 million people tuning in to see the show (making it the biggest on any channel so far this year in the UK).

It then remained unchanged for days despite a pledge by the BBC to edit it out.

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The replaced image

However it now appears the clip has been re-cut.

But instead of replacing it with an Ulster Banner flag (the unofficial but widely-recognised flag of Northern Ireland), the tricolour has been swapped for an image of the NI football team.

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