Blast from the past: Fingerless gloves

They may be associated with terrible fashions of the 1980s like legwarmers and ra-ra skirts, but home workers could do worse than invest in a pair of fingerless gloves.
Albert Steptoe was a big fan of fingerless glovesAlbert Steptoe was a big fan of fingerless gloves
Albert Steptoe was a big fan of fingerless gloves

Think of fingerless gloves and a glorious triumvirate comes to mind. There was dirty old rag-and-bone man Albert Steptoe, Madonna, whose racy lacy ones were all the rage in the 1980s, and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, whose signature look was grey ponytail, dark shades and leather fingerless gloves.

As the bracing, bone-shrivelling ferocity of winter sets in and many of us work in our freezing homes, too penny-pinched to turn on the heat for fear of an astronomical bills, a pair of fingerless gloves might just be the solution to keep our circulation going whilst typing up that important report for Debbie in accounts.

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As we stave-off hypothermia wearing our Big Coat, hugging a hot water, wearing three woolly caps and 15 pairs of socks, surely a pair of fingerless gloves is the next logical step to save our digits from frostbite, whilst still doing the job (which doesn’t pay anywhere near enough to have the heating on)?

Fingerless gloves, a beloved garment of the past, are the way forward for dexterity combined with cold-weather diligence and if you want to teem with a pair of matching legwarmers, why not?

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