THROUGH THE ARCHIVES: Board of Guardians agree to discuss workhouse amalgamation

From the News Letter, October 9, 1900

By Darryl Armitage
Friday, 9th October 2020, 1:53 pm
The old Workhouse in Limavady. LV42-728MML
The old Workhouse in Limavady. LV42-728MML

A special meeting of the Limavady Board of Guardians had been held the previous day under the presidency of Sir Thomas Lecky, JP, to consider the question of appointing a committee to consider the question of the workhouse amalgamation in Co Londonderry.

The Guardians present included: Mrs Ritter, Miss H A Martin; Messrs J S Douglas, JP, John A Long, JP, John Irwin, James H Eakin, James Irwin, Robert Stewart, Robert Guthrie, George Leeke, John McFarland, Samuel J McKeown, James Connor, Daniel Martin, William Donaghy, Patrick Gilderson, J C Allison, William Loughrey, H J Oliver, Samuel Kinkead, Samuel Jackson, Samuel Scott, Andrew Phillips, Richard Kane and Henry Haslett.

Mr Oliver, in moving the resolution, ‘That we, the Board of Guardians appoint a committee to look after amalgamation’, said that the question had been “thrashed out on the last occasion” that the subject had been considered. He proposed that the following gentlemen constitute the committee – Messrs Loughery, Guthrie, McKeown, McFarland, Leeke, Eakin and William Donaghy.

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Mr Connor seconded the resolution.

Mrs Ritter wished it to be “well understood” that this committee, “by its actions”, did not in away bind the Board of Guardians.

This was greeted by shouts of “No, no!”

She said that she “did not well understand the question”, and that she had not heard the reasons advanced for the amalgamation.

She said that she wished to keep her own position “quite clear”, and it seemed to her in the proposal that they were “going a long way”.

The motion was then passed, the names of Sir Thomas Lecky and Mrs Oliver being added to the committee.