THROUGH THE ARCHIVES: From the News Letter of April 1901

Diocese receives thanks from new King

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 10:00 am
King Edward VII
King Edward VII

It was noted by the News Letter during this week in 1901 that the Church of Ireland Diocese of Down and Connor and Dromore had received a letter from the new King, Edward VII, thanking them for a resolution, passed unanimously on February 6, 1901, on the death of Queen Victoria.

The Council’s resolution had read: “That we, the Diocesan Council Down and and Dromore, desire to place on record our profound sorrow the death our beloved Sovereign lady Queen Victoria, and humbly do express our heartfelt sympathy with his Gracious Majesty King Edward and the members of the Royal Family in the loss they have thus sustained. We further desire to express with loyal respect our earnest prayers that may please Almighty God grant that His Majesty may enjoy a long and prosperous reign”

The Diocese received the following reply from the Home Office, Whitehall, dated March 20, 1901: “ Lord - I am commanded the King to convey your Lordship hereby his Majesty’s thanks for the loyal and dutiful address the Diocesan Council of Down, expressing sympathy on the occasion of the lamented death her late Majesty Queen Victoria, and congratulation His Majesty’s accession to the Throne.”

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Town commissioners ‘strongly’ oppose railway bill

A motion opposing the Kingscourt, Keady and Armagh Railway Bill had been passed at the meeting of the Town Commissioners which had been held on March 29, 1901, reported the News Letter.

The meeting was presided over by Mr John Nugent, JP, chairman of the Town Commissioners, and a motion was brought by Mr Charles J Campbell and seconded by Mr John W Campbell.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted: “That we, the Town of Keady, strongly object to the passing of the Kingscourt, Keady, and Armagh Railway Bill, 1901, at present pending in Parliament, because the arrangement with the Great Northern Railway (Ireland) Company, proposed to be authorised by the said bill, will destroy the competitive and alternative route which it the object of the Kingscourt, Keady and Armagh Railway Act, 1900, to create, it will establish and perpetuate a monopoly of the whole district in the hands the Great Northern Railway (Ireland) Company, to the permanent injury and loss of the traders and inhabitants of the county.”

The resolution concluded: “That we respectively ask Parliament to refuse its sanction to the said bill, and direct that a copy the resolution be sent to each member of Parliament, and that a petition against the said bill be prepared and sealed with the seal of the board and presented to the House of Commons, praying that Parliament shall not pass said bill into law.”